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Real Poker Training was one of the first poker training sites to hit the market and gained quite a bit of attention for doing so. They mainly focus on multi-table tournaments and have a small lineup of highly qualified tournament coaches. At just $12.48 per month, offers players a decent value for their money.

What You Get

As a member of Real Poker Training, you get access to what they call the “training dashboard.” From your dashboard, you can access training videos, quizzes, articles and blog posts written by the pro instructors. At last count, there was about 200 hours worth of video instruction. The full package includes the following:

  • Poker training videos (200 hours)
  • Poker strategy articles
  • Poker strategy quizzes
  • Full access to member forums

Members also get access to the forums. You can browse the forums as a guest, so you may want to take a look before you sign up. Unfortunately, the forums appear to be sparsely populated. On a positive note, there is a nice feature where full members can ask the pros anything and receive an answer straight from the pros.

One of the instructors specializes in online 5 Card Draw, so you will also find quite a bit of 5 Card Draw content. This is totally unique in the poker training world and worth a look if you’re interested in 5 Card Draw. It may not be the most popular game on the internet, but it’s easy to imagine there being a lot of easy money at the tables. Instructors

Real Poker Training has a pretty solid lineup of poker instructors. The main people behind the videos are Todd “NSXT2” Arnold and Ryan “gotskillz?” Fisler. In addition, they have several guest appearances and videos from David Williams, Chad “lilholdem” Batista and Eric “Sheets” Haber.

The main man behind is Todd Arnold. Under the screen name NSXT2, he has dominated the online multi table tournament scene for years. His impressive resume and high Pocket Fives ranking speak volumes of his skills and ability. Todd also excels as a teacher who can impart his wisdom to new players without overwhelming them. Here’s a quick list of everybody who teaches or makes the occasional appearance at Real Poker Training:

  • Todd “NSXT2” Arnold
  • Ryan “gotskillz?” Fisler
  • David Williams
  • David “Seal” Einstein
  • Chad “lilholdem” Batista
  • Eric “Sheets” Haber

Ryan Fisler also produces quite a bit of content for Real Poker Training. He specializes in Five Card Draw and produces all those videos and strategy pieces as well. Ryan does a nice job keeping himself accessible through the forums and support. If you have a question for him, he will respond personally through the poker forum. Strengths

Real Poker Training has managed to attract some highly successful tournament professionals. The appearances made by David Williams are especially worth a look, but the other pros do a nice job as well. These are some of the biggest online tournament winners in the world and they share everything with you through their videos.

The Five Card Draw content is also a nice plus in this otherwise average training site. I have yet to see another training site that offers this much Five Card Draw material. There are hundreds of places to find Texas Holdem strategy, but Five Card Draw content is much more difficult to come across. Weaknesses

The overall presentation of is unprofessional and lowers confidence in the product. It feels like the point of the site is to sell you onto the system rather than prove its merits on its own. The video that automatically runs on the home page is also quite annoying – in fact members have complained about that in the forum.

Speaking of forums, the forums here are pretty dead. There are large gaps between posts in several of the forums. I’ve also found quite a few complaints that go unanswered for days at a time. The issues were all eventually resolved, but there were 3-5 day lags between queries for help and responses.

And finally, the amount of content isn’t very impressive. With only about 200 hours worth of videos, Real Poker Training is one of the smallest poker training sites out there. The big guys such as and have many more videos, articles and instructors. Membership Details

There are two membership options at Neither membership has a signup fee.

  • $24.95 per month
  • $149.70 for a year
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