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PokerTracker Software Review

Poker Tracker is an online poker tracking tool that is used to keep detailed records and statistics of your all your poker play. As you may know, most online poker sites save a history of every hand you play. Poker Tracker 3 ( is designed to read these hand histories and create a database that provides you with detailed statistics on every aspect of your own play and that of your opponents.

Poker Tracker and You

Poker Tracker keeps a record of every hand you play online. Then, Poker Tracker compiles a database of statistics like:

  • How often you raise preflop
  • How profitable you play from each position
  • Which hands make / lose the most money for you
  • Your overall level of aggression
  • How often you see showdowns
  • How often you win showdowns
  • Your overall win rate
  • Your win rate per table, per hour, per session
  • Much more

This list of statistics is just the tip of the iceberg. When you learn how to use Poker Tracker to its fullest extent, you’ll find even more detailed stats and learn much about your game that you did not yet know. With this information, you can find out what needs improved in your game and what is working well for you.

With all this information available at your fingertips, there is a bit of learning curve with Poker Tracker. New users often feel overwhelmed because there are so many options, charts and numbers to sort through. If you stick with it, however, and properly learn how to use Poker Tracker to its fullest, you will be rewarded with greatly improved results.

Poker Tracker and Your Opponents

The information stored in Poker Tracker is saved under the screen name of each player you come across at the tables. You can then use that information to make the best possible decision every time. For example, Poker Tracker will tell you how many hands a specific player plays, how aggressive he is, how often he calls on the river, what types of hands he shows down and much more.

Poker Tracker also comes with a built in heads up display (HUD) that displays a list of important stats above the head of each opponent at the table. So if you come across a difficult decision, you can use that information to help figure out the best play possible in the present situation. You can also hold your mouse over the name of a player to see a PokerTracker pop-up that contains even more in-depth statistics.

Poker Tracker: Is It Worth It?

Poker Tracker is an incredibly powerful tool that almost every serious poker player in the world uses on a daily basis. It doesn’t make your decisions for you, but it does provide you with a plethora of information to make better decisions. I can say with complete confidence that Poker Tracker gives you a definitive advantage over the competition.

There is no question that a copy of Poker Tracker will improve your results at the tables. Not only can you use the program to study your opponents, but you can use it to get to know your own game better. I’m not a person to recommend poker software left and right, but Poker Tracker is in a league of its own.

Given how powerful this program is, the price tag puts it at a steal. The amount of money you will save and earn as a result of Poker Tracker will pay for its cost many times over. There is really no good reason to skip out on this powerful program. If you want to see an immediate improvement in your results, get yourself a copy of Poker Tracker.

PokerTracker Pricing:

There are several versions of PokerTracker available for purchase, including:

  • Hold'em - Full Version for $89.99
  • Hold'em - Micro Stakes for $44.99 (only allows tracking for stakes up to $0.10/$0.25 NL)
  • Hold'em and Omaha - Full Version for $144.98
  • Hold'em and Omaha - Micro Stakes for $74.98
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