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Online Poker Training

Poker training sites have come a long way over the past couple years. In the old days there were only one or two sites, and they were mostly viewed as expensive gimmicks that wouldn't really help anyone except complete beginners. Nowadays, however, there are dozens of major training programs that are designed to help all levels of players, from beginners to high stakes pros. We have reviewed several of the top-rated online poker training sites: Review - Cash Game Focus, Specializes in Mid-Stakes Training is a training site that focuses on mid-high stakes cash games. Phil Galfond founded BlueFire Poker in 2009 and has assembled a talented team of players to serve as instructors in the art of online poker. Review - the "Original" Poker Training Site, 2,000+ Videos was the first major online poker training site, and to this day they have maintained their edge on the competition with over 32,000 blog posts, over 2,000 strategy videos, and the top instructors in the game. Review - Best for NL Cash Game Players, 1,500+ Videos is a poker training and coaching site that was opened by a group of highly successful online poker players. The site offers over 1,500 top-notch poker training videos and tutorials. Review - New Training Site but Already an Impressive Coaching Lineup is a relatively new poker training site that has quickly made a name in the poker training market. It was started in 2009 by several successful high stakes professionals, including Dusty “Leatherass” Schmidt.

Holdem Manager Review - In Depth Statistics to Help You Find Leaks in Your Game

The purpose of Holdem Manager is to save and record your online poker hand histories and then provide you with in-depth statistics about your own play and that of your opponents. Review - Only Training Site Dedicated to Heads Up SNGs is the only poker training site I've found that offers videos specifically for heads up sit and go players. This site is by far the best resource online for learning HU SNGs, but it certainly isn't cheap. Review - Best at Developing Consistent, Mid-Stakes Winners takes a different approach to poker training - they attempt to turn their students into consistent winners at the low-mid stakes, instead of spending all their time teaching ultra-high stakes strategies.

PokerOffice 5 Review - Improve Your Game and Find Flaws in Your Opponents' Games

PokerOffice 5 is a stat-tracking program that will help you locate and repair leaks in your game, as well as locate and capitalize off of leaks in each of your opponents' games. Review - Specifically for MTT Players - 350+ MTT Training Videos is a poker training site almost completely devoted to improving members' multi-table tournament strategy. If you want to get better at MTTs, this is the site for you.

PokerStove Review - Determines Win Percentages for Your Hand vs. Opponent's Range

PokerStove allows players to calculate win percentages for their hand versus an opponent's specific hand, as well as their hand versus an opponent's range of poker hands.

PokerTracker 3 Review - Best Stat-Tracking Product Online, Also Offers Heads-Up Display

PokerTracker 3 is the most advanced stat-tracking software available for online poker players. This is our most highly recommended product, as virtually every player can benefit from using PokerTracker 3. Review - Negreanu's Training Site - Offers Unique Learning Exercises is Daniel Negreanu's personal poker training site where he provides tips and strategies for using his smallball style of poker. The site focuses mostly on tournaments, but doesn't allow players to download videos. Review - Established Training Site, Best MTT Strategy Videos Online

PokerXFactor is the best training site out there if you are a hardcore MTT player. There isn't much cash game strategy here, but the NLH MTT strategy section is huge and extremely advanced/useful. Review - Decent Content, but Small and Inactive has a few things going for it - namely, some big name instructors and unique Five Card Draw content. However, the site doesn't live up to the expectations of most online poker players.

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