top corner Review is an interesting poker training site that focuses exclusively on heads up sit and go tournaments. This is an under-studied form of poker, and has decided to change that single handedly. With a world class lineup of heads up specialists, is an exciting new entrant in the poker training market.

Players can receive heads-up sit and go poker training at all levels, starting from the very bottom and going all the way up to the highest of high stakes heads up SNGs ($5,000+ buy-ins!). This site is obviously not designed for everyone, but it does an amazing job providing poker strategy for this unique poker format.

What You Get

When you join, you will get full access to the poker training library. With more than 200 videos devoted to heads up SNG strategy, has more heads up SNG videos than every other poker training site combined. This should be a major selling point for all you aspiring heads up pros out there.

In addition to the video content, provides articles, blogs and forum posts written by the site instructors. The written content serves as a perfect complement to the videos: the videos display hands-on application of certain strategy aspects while the articles more fully explore and explain each topic.

In summary, members of get the following:

  • Heads-Up SNG videos (200+)
  • Poker strategy articles
  • Pro and member blog system
  • Poker tools such as a variance calculator and hole card blocker
  • Poker discussion forums
  • Private coaching for an additional fee (between $50-$200/hour depending on the instructor) Instructors is operated by a small group of successful online heads up sit and go players. The instructors may not be the biggest names in the online poker world, but they definitely know what they are doing. The coaches all play at major online poker sites and their stats are readily available for the world to see.

The coaches are adept teachers. They use a variety of techniques to impart their wisdom to the next generation of heads up specialists. For example, I ran across one video in which the coach played the entire SNG with his hole cards hidden so that he could explain the power of psychology, aggression, and hand reading. Very interesting stuff.

The coaches of play under the following screen names:

  • RyPac13
  • Skates
  • Croixdawg
  • xSCWx
  • Cog Dissonance
  • Fydor_8
  • HokieGreg
  • Mersenneary Strengths excels in its area of expertise. They know heads up poker sit and gos like nobody else and the coaches there have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars playing heads up SNGs. This is a very cool concept and there is nowhere else in the world you can go to get this much information specific to heads up SNGs.

The coaches at are personable and down to earth. They offer their advice and feedback in the forums and they listen to what their members have to say. They are also flexible with their poker coaching options. For example, you can even send a screen capture video of yourself playing to one of the instructors and he will analyze your play, add his own commentary to the video, and send it back to you. Weaknesses

I’m not sure if this really counts as a weakness, but is definitely not the place to go if you want a well-rounded poker training site. They focus solely on heads up SNGs and nothing else. But it’s not like they promise anything other than pure HU SNG content on the signup/membership page.

The only other downside to is its membership pricing scheme. This is not a cheap training site by any means. They don’t have as much content as other sites that cost less, but their material is so unique that they are justified in keeping the membership prices higher than the standard. Membership Options has two levels of memberships. A standard membership costs less, but it only gives access to about 100 videos, mostly dedicated to small and medium stakes games. A premium membership costs more but it gives access to all 200 videos, including many high stakes videos.

Standard Membership:

  • $25.00 a month
  • 3 months for $60.00

Premium Membership:

  • $120.00 a month
  • 3 months for $165.00
  • 12 months for $540.00
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