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Daniel Negreanu recently entered the poker training world with, his very own poker training site. In a unique take on poker training, Daniel presents PokerVT as an entire school of learning. He teaches his smallball poker tournament strategy through the use of interactive courses, videos, forums, and strategy articles.

What You Get takes what has worked for other poker training sites and adds its own touches to create a product that is both recognizable and unique. Once you sign up for a membership at, you’ll be given access to the training area, forums, and all poker strategy content. Here’s everything that comes with the package:

  • Poker training videos (2000+)
  • Interactive training content
  • Poker Q&As
  • Video access to cash games held in the PokerVT studio
  • Testing and assessment system
  • Busy discussion forum
  • Online learning modules

There are a ton of videos to watch and learn from, and this is where things get interesting. First of all, provides a huge selection of traditional videos in which you get to sit behind the pro, listen to him talk and watch how he plays. These videos alone are well worth watching.

Some of the other videos, however, are completely different than the norm. For example, there are some videos where Daniel takes a group of live pros, seats them at a table and lets them play. Each pro is connected to headphones and a microphone so that you get to listen to each pro work his way through each hand.

It’s little extras like that that make PokerVT stand out on its own. Most of the content is based on tournament play. There is some very good cash game material, but multi-table tournaments are clearly the focus here.

PokerVT Instructors

Daniel Negreanu is a big name player in his own right, but he has enlisted the help of several other well known poker players. These players / coaches are all successful tournament and cash game players who know how to teach prospective players the secrets to winning at poker.

The full PokerVT instructor lineup includes:

  • Daniel Negreanu
  • Paul Wasicka
  • JC Alvarado
  • Jason Somerville
  • Adam Junglen
  • Prof. Charlie Swayne
  • David Redlin
  • Grayson Physioc
  • Joshua Norris
  • Matt Kay
  • Derek Williams
  • Jon Ettinger
  • Bryan Devonshire
  • Aaron Barone
  • Jon Turner Strengths

The overall presentation of the training material at PokerVT is probably the best we’ve seen yet. The videos are all professionally edited, the learning tutorials are highly interactive and learning topics seem to flow from one concept to the next. With combinations of text, audio and visual aids, works well with all learning styles. also excels in keeping its content updated. New content is added every day, with more than 50 new videos every month. With all the content released on a regular basis, you feel like your membership is providing value. Weaknesses

The biggest weakness of PokerVT is the fact that the training videos are not downloadable. You have to be logged in and connected to the internet to watch videos and take interactive lessons. This is probably a piracy protection feature, but it doesn’t help paying members who want to download movies to watch on a plane or wherever.

PokerVT Membership Details

PokerVT memberships are in line with most poker training sites . They occasionally run special promotions, but the basic deal is that you pay $149 for three months of access and then pay $29.99 a month after that.

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