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Hold'em Manager Software Review

Holdem Manager is a direct competitor to Poker Tracker in the poker tracking software market. The purpose of Holdem Manager is to save and record your hand histories and then provide you with statistics about your own play and that of your opponents. It’s a highly useful piece of software that serious poker players around the world use to identify leaks, keep track of their opponents and make more informed decisions at the tables.

Holdem Manager and You

One of the main functions of Holdem Manger is to provide you with information about your own play at the tables. Every hand you play of online poker is scanned by Holdem Manager and saved to a database. From this database, Holdem Manager obtains every statistic imaginable regarding your play. For example, Holdem Manger can tell you:

  • What % of starting hands you play from each position
  • How often you 3-bet and 4-bet before the flop
  • How profitable you are in each position
  • Your win rate per hour and per table
  • How much rake you pay
  • How much money you make with each starting hand
  • Much more

Holdem Manager has the capability to show you hundreds of statistics about your play. These statistics can be sorted, filtered, and charted in a million different ways. The sheer number of options is almost overwhelming at first.

For example, you can even make charts that show your true win rate vs. the win rate you would have if the favorite hand won every time there was an all-in confrontation. In this example, the chart would be used to tell you if you have been playing poorly lately or are just suffering from a little bad luck. And this is just one example out of the many functionalities of Holdem Manager.

Holdem Manager and Your Opponents

Holdem Manager also serves as a tracking program for your opponents’ play. Every hand you play or observe at the tables is saved by Holdem Manager and the information is stored in a database under each player’s screen name. You can then get all the same information about your opponents that you have about yourself.

Instead of just relying on your notes or general mental observations, Holdem Manager can tell you exactly how often specific opponents bluff, how often they raise on each street, what percentage of starting hands they play and much more. It’s almost creepy how much information you can collect on each opponent.

A built-in heads up display (HUD) is used to display these stats above the head of each opponent in real time at the tables. A quick list of stats is shown at all times and then you can pull up more detailed stats by hovering your mouse over the name of each opponent. This is extremely useful at the tables because it prevents you from having to dig up each opponent’s name in the Holdem Manager database.

Holdem Manager: Is It Worth It?

Absolutely. Holdem Manger will drastically change your game for the better. There is no question whatsoever that Holdem Manger provides value for the price. Considering how much money Holdem Manager will help you earn at the tables, the cost of the program is an absolute steal.

Holdem Manger compares very closely to its competitor, Poker Tracker. Both programs perform essentially the same function, so you should check out both program before purchasing. In general, the online poker community appears to slightly favor Holdem Manager over its competitor.

In any case, we recommend you get one of these programs. This review just barely touched the tip of the iceberg of Holdem Manager’s capabilities. If the owners of Holdem Manager were somehow able to charge a percentage of your increase in profits instead of a flat fee, Holdem Manager would easily cost thousands of dollars. Instead, you can get the program for a single payment of $89.99 at

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