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Online Heads Up Poker Strategy

In this section of our Advanced Guide to Online Poker we provide you with advanced tactics for beating any heads up poker game, including high stakes cash games and heads up sit and go matches. The first few articles are slightly basic and will catch new players up with everyone else, but after that we get right into the heads up poker strategy.

Heads Up Starting Hand Guide

Learn exactly which preflop hands to play at a heads up poker table, and exactly how to play them depending on your position, chip stack, the blinds, your table image, and other factors.

Seven Tips for Crushing Heads Up Games

Here we have put together a list of our seven best tips for improving your heads up game and crushing the competition at the heads up tables (online or live).

Heads Up Cash Games vs. Heads Up Sit and Gos

Learn the primary differences between heads up poker cash games and heads up poker sit and gos, as well as how you should adjust your strategy if you switch between the two game-types.

Tools/Software for Heads Up Players

Nowadays there are several tools that players can use to improve their heads up poker games, at or away from the poker tables. This article lists several of the best tools and explains how they can help.

Heads Up Poker Bankroll Management

Even the best heads up poker players can easily go broke if they mis-manage their bankroll or play above their means. This article will teach you how to select your stakes based on your current bankroll.

Small Ball vs. Long Ball Poker

Learn the differences between small ball and long ball poker, and discover which style of play is the best, most consistent, and least risky for heads up poker players.

How to Use Position in Heads Up Poker

Learn why position is so important to heads up poker players, and how you can use your table position to control the pot size, react to your opponent's moves, and make more money at the heads up tables.

Beating Aggressive Players Heads Up

Facing aggressive opponents at the heads up poker tables can get really tricky, as you are liable to lose a ton of small pots to the other player's frequent bets. This article teaches you how to fight back.

Beating Passive Players Heads Up

Facing passive opponents at the heads up poker tables can also be tricky, as you want to stay aggressive and take the small pots, but you have to avoid making major mistakes and playing right into your opponent's plan.

Expected ROI / Win Rate

Learn what ROI and Win Rate mean, and read about expected ROI and Win Rate numbers for heads up poker players. We also discuss sample sizes for determining your numbers, and how to get your stats up.

Take Your Heads Up Strategy to the Tables

Now that you are an educated heads up poker player, make sure to check out our picks for the best poker sites for heads up games. The sites we chose have the most player traffic and the easiest to beat competition.

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