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Poker Sites with Heads Up Games

Heads up poker is arguably the most challenging and potentially profitable form of poker out there. With heads up poker, it’s just you and a single opponent battling it out. Not only is heads up poker profitable, but it’s also the best way to hone your poker skills. Learning how to deal with a single opponent in an aggressive poker match is challenging but well worth the effort. Many of the best poker players in the world are heads up specialists.

We ranked the following poker sites according to their offering of heads up matches. These include both heads up matches and heads up tournaments. Look no further than these heads up poker sites for the best heads up games of all types at all stakes. Fast functioning software and generous loyalty programs make each of these poker sites that much better for heads up players.

Poker Sites with Plenty of Heads-Up Cash Games

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1 100% up to $2000 n/a - use links »
2 100% up to $500 n/a - use links »
3 100% to $2500 n/a - use links »
4 100% up to $600 n/a - use links »
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6 100% to $2000 n/a - use links » AmericasCardroom
7 100% to $2000 n/a - use links » BlackchipPoker

The Mechanics of Heads Up Poker

In heads up cash games, two poker players buy in for any amount up to the table maximum and then play for cash until one of the players quits. A typical heads up cash game match can last anywhere from a couple minutes to several hours. Just like in normal cash games, there are no increasing blind levels or predetermined payouts. A heads up cash game simply runs for as long as there are two players at the table.

Heads up tournaments come in two different formats. In heads up sit and go tournaments, there are a grand total of two players in the tournament. Each player buys in for a specific amount and in return receives 1500 chips. The players then battle it out until one player has run out of chips. The player who wins all the chips receives the winner-takes-all cash prize. The blinds increase at regular intervals to keep the game moving at a fast speed.

There are also heads up versions of multi-table tournaments. These tournaments can include anywhere from four players to several thousand players. In these tournaments, each table seats only two players. When one player wins all the chips, that player is moved on to the next table to play against another single opponent. This continues on until there is only one player remaining. The players then receive payouts based on how far they made it in the tournament. Check out our new heads up poker strategy section to improve your heads up play.

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