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Poker Sites with Rebuy Tournaments

Finding a great poker site with rebuy tournaments is difficult to do without signing up to a dozen different poker sites and downloading all their poker software. Fortunately, that’s where we come into play. We’ve dealt with online poker for so long that we know just about everything there is to know about every major poker site – including which poker sites have the best rebuy tournaments.

Check out the following poker sites for the best rebuy tournament selection. The top two poker sites are listed simply for the quality and quantity of their rebuy tournaments. The last poker site on this list is recommended for the ease of competition. All three of these online poker sites have great rebuy tournaments on a regular basis.

  • Location: UK
  • Established: 1999
  • Bonus Code: n/a - use links
  • Traffic: 32,864 Players
  • Mac Friendly: Yes
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#1 Poker Site with Rebuy Tournaments!

888 Poker hosts rebuy tournaments at buy-ins that range from $0.50 to $300. These tournaments attract hundreds (sometimes thousands) of players and provide some of the biggest prize pools around. There are several regular guaranteed prize pool tournaments such as the $200,000 Guaranteed and $40,000 Guaranteed.

Despite recent increases in its tournament offering, 888 Poker is still primarily recognized as a cash game poker site. This competition in the tournaments here is slightly easier than average. There are some very good tournament players here but there are also a lot of fish. If rebuy tournaments are your thing, 888 Poker is the place to be.

When you sign up at 888Poker, make sure to use our links. This guarantees that you will get you a 100% bonus added to your first deposit there. So if you sign up and deposit $200, 888 will give you an additional $200. This bonus is worth up to $600 in extra bonus money. On top of that, all new accounts receive a free $8 no deposit bonus.

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  • Location: Netherlands
  • Established: 2004
  • Mark. Code:BPSORG
  • Traffic: 235,929 Players
  • Mac Friendly: Yes
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#2 Poker Site with Rebuy Tournaments!

PokerStars has even more rebuy tournaments but the competition here is a little tougher. Rebuy tournaments can be found at all levels, from $2.20 to $2100. These tournaments can get very large and generate some of the largest prize pools on the internet. PokerStars has a variety of guaranteed prize pool tournaments, including some with $300,000 prize pools and many with $30K-$150K prize pools.

The PokerStars Championship of Online Poker also hosts several massive rebuy tournaments every year. There are several $500,000 guaranteed events plus one tournament with a $1,000,000 prize pool. The buyins for these events are expensive but the potential rewards are massive.

PokerStars also has a juicy signup bonus. When you sign up and use marketing code BPSORG, you’ll get a 100% bonus for up to $600 extra. So if you deposit $300, they will give you $300 to go along with that. It’s an easy bonus to clear and you’ll find it very useful for building the bankroll.

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More About Rebuy Tournaments

Rebuy poker tournaments are played with the same rules as normal poker tournaments except for one difference: players can buy new chips again if they bust out. Most rebuy tournaments offer unlimited rebuys for the first hour or so and then stop all rebuys after that. From that point on, the rest of the tournament is played like a normal freezeout tournament.

The prize pools for rebuy poker tournaments grow quickly during the first hour. As players get knocked out and buy back in, the extra funds go straight to the prize pool. Many times poker players will purchase more rebuys than they intended and help grow the prize pool even further. When you play in rebuy poker tournaments, you will want to pretend like the cost of entry is about four times as much as the initial buyin. That way you can plan for your bankroll in case you have to purchase rebuys.

The general level of competition during rebuy tournaments is nuts. Every player in the tournament knows that he can buy back in again if he loses all his chips. On top of that, all the fish are still in the tournament and they know they can just buy back in again if they bust out. What you end up with is a highly profitable form of online poker.

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