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Poker Sites with Sit and Go Tournaments

For the best poker sites with sit and go (SNG) action, check out the sites listed here. These online poker rooms offer their players a nice variety of SNGs at all buy-ins. We recommend these poker sites for SNG tournaments because of the variety of games offered, the ease of competition, and overall quality of each poker site.

Sit and go tournaments are great for building the bankroll due to their low risk but high reward buy-ins and prize structures. If you also dabble in multi-table tournaments, SNGs are great for getting final table experience. As a sit-and-go tournament progresses, it comes to resemble the final table of a large, multi-table tournament.

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  • Established: 1999
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#1 Poker Site with Sit and Gos!

The second best poker site for sit and gos is 888. The game selection here is fantastic and includes all the major poker variants, a wide range of buyin levels and lots of player traffic. The tournaments here aren’t as soft as at Bovada but they aren’t full of experts either. You’ll find players of all skill levels at 888.

The buy-ins start at $0.95 and go all the way up to $2,500. These include single table SNGs, multi table SNGs (up to 180 players), satellites, and step tournaments. Players can also play heads up SNGs, turbos, and more. One of the most interesting new tournament types are the multi-table heads up tournaments. In these tournaments, the winner from each heads-up table moves on to the next level to face off against another player who won his first heads up match.

Players start out with 1500 chips and have six minute blind levels in most 888 sit and gos. There are also tournaments that offer three minute blind levels, two minute blind levels, fewer starting chips and more starting chips, depending on the tournament you select. The selection is quite diverse and you’ll find lots of players at all of 888’s SNGs.

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  • Location: Netherlands
  • Established: 2004
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#2 Poker Site with Sit and Gos!

PokerStars has the most sit and go variety of them all but also the most difficult competition. Even so, you shouldn’t have too much trouble at the low and medium level SNGs. At the high stakes sit and gos, the competition can get pretty tough. PokerStars is known for its great tournament selection so many of the best players go there to multi-table all day.

The range of buyins at PokerStars is also the most diverse. Players can get started for just $0.02 at the cheapest SNGs and then the buyins go up to $5600 at the highest levels. There are many different types of SNGs to choose from, including normal SNGs, turbos, knockouts, satellites, double-or-nothings, shorthanded tables, multi-table SNGs, deep stack sit and gos and even sit and gos where the blinds never increase.

Most SNGs at PokerStars are structured to begin with 9 players, 1500 starting chips and 10 minute blind levels. There are many options, however, and you’ll find turbo sit and gos, multi table SNGs (up to 990 players at some) and much more. You will definitely want to use the tournament filter because the games list is so long it can be difficult to find the exact type of tournament you want.

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Sit and Go Tournaments

There are many types of sit and go tournaments out there, but the traditional SNG is a single table tournament that begins as soon as nine players join the table and buy-in. There is no scheduled start time and the number of players/types of prizes is known before the tournament begins. The SNG is then played just like any other multi-table tournament, except with only nine players.

Over the years, online poker sites have come up with many variations of sit and go tournaments. Today, you can find multiple table sit and go tournaments, shorthanded SNGs, and even heads-up SNGs. The one thing they all have in common is that they begin as soon as enough players show up. With sit and go tournaments, there is never a specific, scheduled start time. If you want to win more at sit and gos, check out our SNG strategy guide.

One of the most popular sit and go variants in recent years has been the 180 man SNGs. These tournaments begin as soon as 180 people join and then play just like normal tournaments after that. Turbo tournaments are also popular for players who don’t have a lot of time or simple don’t like playing in long tournaments. In any case, the poker sites listed here are the best of the best for sit and go tournament action.

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