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Multi Table Tournament Poker Strategy

In this section of our Advanced Guide to Online Poker, we teach you the exact strategies and tactics used to make deep runs in multi table poker tournaments at all levels. Multi table tournaments are one of the most popular forms of online poker, because they give players a chance at a huge score with only a minimal investment.

Early Stages MTT Strategy

The early stages of a poker tournament are when you should be taking things easy and looking for simple opportunities to win pots. Don't overdo things early, because busting out at this point is almost unforgivable.

Middle Stages MTT Strategy

Once you advance to the middle stages of a poker tournament, you should still play fairly conservatively, but it is time to open things up a tad bit. Don't get your money into marginal situations, but don't blind your stack away either.

Playing the Bubble in MTTs

When you get to the bubble it is time to really kick things into a higher gear. The blinds are worth stealing now, and most players will tighten up on the bubble to slide into the money, so there are tons of opportunities to win chips.

Late Stages MTT Strategy

Now that you have made the money, it is time to start prepping for a final table run. This article will teach you how to steal blinds, grow your stack, and set yourself up for a chance to win the entire tournament.

Final Table MTT Strategy

Congratulations if you have made it this far. At this point you are guaranteed a good return on your investment - your next step is to advance up the ranks and ensure yourself a major payday, or even a 1st place finish.

Taking Calculated Risks in MTTs

At some point in every single tournament you play, you are going to have to take a risk. By taking smart risks you put yourself in position to improve your situation and go deeper in the tournament.

Short Stacks vs. Big Stacks

Playing a short stack is a totally different situation than playing a big stack, and this article explains exactly how you should play each stack to give yourself the best opportunity for a big tournament score.

Luck vs. Skill in MTTs

Everyone knows that luck plays a big role in individual MTTs, but how important is luck in the long run for poker tournament players? Read this article to learn the answer.

Satellite Tournament Strategy

Satellite tournaments are a great way to earn entry into bigger tournaments without risking too much money on buy-ins. This article teaches you the most fool-proof way to advance in a satellite tournament.

Deep Stack Tournament Strategy

Deep stack tournaments allow for a lot more skilled play and a lot less luck. This article teaches you exactly how to play deep stack tournaments to give yourself a great chance at a deep run.

"Go" Plays

Learn about poker "go" plays, including the stop and go, limp and go, and go and go. We explain each move and discuss how it can earn you money deep in multi table tournaments or sit and gos.

Five More Resources for MTT Learning

Check out this blog post, where Mike details his five favorite poker websites that offer poker tournament strategy. Once you are done reading our MTT strategy section, the sites in this post are the next step.

Take Your MTT Strategy to the Tables

Now that you are an educated online MTT player, make sure to check out our picks for the best poker sites for multi table tournaments. The sites we chose have the most player traffic and the easiest to beat competition.

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