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Online No Limit Hold'em Strategy

In the first section of our Advanced Guide to Online Poker, we provide you with in-depth strategies for beating the online No Limit Hold'em cash tables. The articles below start at the intermediate level to catch up the beginners, but quickly ramp up to advanced strategies that can be used successfully at the highest of stakes.

Preflop Hand Ranges

The first decision you face at any NL Hold'em table will be your preflop move. This article shows you exactly when and why to play specific poker hands in specific situations at NL Hold'em cash tables.

Playing QQ/AK Preflop

Pocket Queens and Ace-King are two of the toughest hands to play preflop. Learn strategies for effectively playing these big hands at a NL Hold'em cash table by reading this article.

Playing in Position

The best spot for winning money at a NL Hold'em cash game is when you are in position, meaning that you are in "late" position. This article examines late position play and how you can maximize your advantage over other players.

Continuation Betting

Continuation betting (also known as "c-betting") is one of the fundamental post-flop plays in NL Texas Hold'em. This article explains what c-betting is, how you can c-bet, and when c-betting will win you the most money.

Double Barreling

Double barreling is an advanced play that can be used on the turn to force other players out of the pot. Although double barreling can be profitable, it can also result in disastrous losses, so make sure to read this article for tips.

Triple Barreling

Pulling off a successful triple barrel is one of the toughest plays in all of poker. A triple barrel is when you fire a bluff on the river after betting the flop and the turn with nothing. Learn when to triple barrel by reading this article.


A float is when a player calls a flop bet (while holding nothing) in hopes of taking the pot away on a later street. For the most part, floats are attempted on the flop, though you can also float the turn in certain situations.

Fold Equity

Fold equity is an advanced concept that allows players to get value from both potential folds as well as potential showdowns. Read this article to learn what "fold equity" is and how you should utilize the concept.

Three-Betting Light

Three-betting light is a great way to balance your preflop ranges while winning a bunch of pots without having to show the hand down. This article explains the best spots for a light three-bet preflop.

Four-Bet Folding

Four-bet folding is one of the worst mistakes you can make at a NL Hold'em cash game. This article explains why four-bet folding is not mathematically profitable, and provides tips for avoiding this costly mistake.

Take Your NL Hold'em Strategy to the Tables

Now that you are an educated online NL Hold'em player, make sure to check out our picks for the best poker sites for Texas Hold'em cash games. The sites we chose have the most player traffic and the easiest to beat competition.

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