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Sit and Go Poker Strategy

In this section of our Advanced Guide to Online Poker, we teach you the exact strategies and tactics used to beat online sit and gos at all levels. Sit and gos are excellent for learning the basic poker strategies used in almost every other online poker game, and also help your end game in multi table tournaments.

Single Table SNG Strategy

This is the basic sit and go strategy - the tactics used to beat standard single table (9-10 handed) sit and gos. Read this article first to learn the basics of SNG strategy, then move on to the other articles.

Heads Up SNG Strategy

Heads up sit and gos are becoming more and more popular everyday, and this article will teach you how to beat the heads up SNGs at the microstakes, mid-stakes, and high stakes levels.

C-Betting in SNGs

Continuation bets (c-bets) are a very useful tool in poker sit and gos, especially in the later stages of the game. This article teaches you when and how to c-bet in the early, middle, and late stages of a sit and go.

Push-Fold Strategy in SNGs

Learn about the push-fold strategy, and how it can be used in SNGs when you have a short-stack in relation to the blinds/antes. By pushing or folding you simplify your decisions and put pressure on your opponents.

Playing the Bubble in SNGs - General Strategy

The bubble in a SNG is when only one more player has to be eliminated before everyone makes the money. This can be a nerve-wracking time in a sit and go, but these bubble strategies will guide you through into the money.

Short Stack Bubble Strategy

Playing the bubble with a short stack is one of the toughest situations in poker. This article teaches you what moves you have as the short stack on the bubble, and how you can advance to the money.

Deep Stack Bubble Strategy

Playing the bubble with a deep stack is an excellent position to be in, but it is no time to get complacent or hyper aggressive. This article teaches you how to leverage your stack size on the bubble.

Changing Gears in Sit and Gos

Sit and gos are different from cash games simply because the blinds increase periodically throughout the game. This requires you to change your strategy on the fly, and that is exactly what we discuss in this SNG strategy article.

Expected Variance in SNGs

Variance is something that every single sit and go player has to deal with. This article will teach you what amount of variance is normal, and when you should start getting concerned and consider moving down in levels.

Sit and Gos vs. Multi Table Tournaments

Sit and gos have a very similar structure to multi table tournaments - there are just a lot fewer players. However, the proper strategy for sit and goes is quite different from the proper strategy for multi table tournaments.

Turbo Poker Tournament Strategy

Turbo sit and gos and turbo multi table tournaments have quickly-increasing blinds which speeds up the pace of play considerably. This article will teach you how to beat the soft turbo SNGs/MTTs.

Turbo SNG Bubble Strategy

The bubble of any turbo SNG is a pretty stressful time, as the blinds are increasing quickly and each player is trying to advance into the money. Use this turbo SNG bubble strategy to build your stack and hopefully win the SNG.

Ultra Turbo Poker Tournament Strategy

Ultra turbo sit and gos/multi table tournaments have even faster-increasing blinds than turbo tournaments, so the pace of play is quite frantic. This article will teach you how to keep up and make a profit in ultra turbo SNGs/MTTs.

Restealing in SNGs and MTTs

Learn about restealing for both sit and go tournaments and multi table tournaments. This article explains why restealing is profitable, how to resteal, when to resteal, and how to defend against the resteal.

Five Other Resources for SNG Learning

Check out five of my other favorite resources for learning sit and go strategy. These sites offer top-notch content and will turn you into a vastly improved online sit and go player.

The Seven Most Common Leaks for SNG Players

Read this article to discover the most common mistakes that beginner SNG players make. By eliminating these mistakes from your game, you will earn more money and avoid tough situations.

How to Isolate the Short Stack

This article explains what it means to "isolate a short stack", and also discusses why isolating the short stacks is important. You will also learn exactly how and when to isolate short stacks in SNGs/MTTs.

When to Ignore SNG Wizard

SNG Wizard is a great tool for SNG players, but sometimes the tool makes mistakes. Read this article to learn when you should ignore SNG Wizard's advice and make your own decision.

When to Keep the Bubble Alive

Although it seems like you should always want the bubble to burst as quickly as possible, there are a few situations where you might want to extend the bubble. Learn when and how to do it here.

45 Man Sit and Go Strategy

This article (from our How To Poker blog) is a complete guide for winning 45 man sit and gos - specifically 45 man turbo sit and gos. The article walks you through the entire tournament from start to finish.

180 Man Turbo SNG Strategy

This article (also from our How To Poker blog) is a complete guide for winning 180 man turbo sit and gos - these tournaments are held exclusively at PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.

Take Your SNG Strategy to the Tables

Now that you are an educated online sit and go player, make sure to check out our picks for the best poker sites for sit and gos. The sites we chose have the most player traffic and the easiest to beat competition.

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