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Continuation Bets in Sit and Gos

Continuation betting in sit and gos can be a very risky business. On one hand you want to build up your stack so that you are positioned for a deep run, but on the other hand you won’t be able to rebuy if things don’t go as planned. This is the dilemma that sit and go players are faced with when it comes to c-betting.

Luckily it is not as difficult as it might seem from the outset. Depending on your stack size and where you are in the sit and go, the optimal c-betting play will be somewhat clear cut. Small stacks in risk of busting will have no business making c-bets, while bigger stacks should be making c-bets with nearly every opportunity that they get.

This is the stark difference in dynamics that will ultimately decide when it is OK and when it is not OK to make a continuation bet. The primary concern is whether or not a c-bet can potentially cripple your stack and your chances of cashing. If a c-bet is going to equate to 50% of your chips, you will probably be better off waiting for another chance down the line. If a c-bet is going to cost you almost nothing, depending on what you stand to gain, it may be the best play. As is the case with most skills in poker, c-betting in sit and gos is all about risk and reward.

C-betting size is important in cash games, but it is not always as meaningful in sit and gos. This does not mean that an all-in bet is as logical as a smaller bet; instead what it says is that c-bets in sit and gos either work or they don’t. It won’t come down to the amount that you are betting so much as it will come down to what you are betting into.

By nature, sit and go players are very limited in the number of chips that they are able to work with. Players know this and are cautious with how they play as a result. This is the reason why smaller sized bets will be just as effective as monster bets. If your opponent was not going to fold to your half sized pot bet, they probably aren’t going to fold to your three quarters pot bet either. Just as your opponents will be careful when it comes to calling your c-bets, you too should be careful when making them. It might not seem like it, but a few bad c-bets could easily be the difference between winning and busting the sit and go early.

C-Bets with Small Blinds

When the blinds are low in a sit and go it means that there is a fair amount of play left. Since there is a lot of time left to make plays, most players will prefer to avoid the risky situations that are unlikely to pay off in the end. For example, if you make a pre flop raise and get one caller, a feeler bet on the flop could very well earn you the pot.

You don’t even need to make it half the size of the pot because your opponent will give up without much of a fight on a regular basis. This is the time in a sit and go where you will have the highest success rate when it comes to c-betting, but it is also the time that will net you the lowest returns. While you won’t wind up with a fortune, the early stages of a sit and go are perfect for building and padding your stack with very minimal resistance.

Big Risks and Big Rewards

If you are fortunate enough to have a big stack, the odds are that the game has progressed to the later stages and you might even be in the money. This is the time where every single hand makes a big impact on your end result. One c-bet could easily equate to half of every chip that you own. This will allow you to really separate yourself from the pack in one direction or the other. If you are able to make a few successful c-bets when the blinds are high and play is nearing the end, you are positioning yourself for a possible win.

On the other hand, however, is the very real chance that your c-bets will fail. Players are much more prone to shove all in against a c-bet when they are already in the money. They figure that you will fold a high percentage of the time (and they win a sizable pot) or you make the call and they may very well have the best hand. For this reason, making c-bets as small as possible when the blinds are high is in your best interest. There is no need to go all out with c-bets at this point in the game, because they are intimidating in their smallest form.

C-bet against players who you know are more apt to make a fold, even if they have a decent hand, and don’t waste your time with the players who would shove over you with ace high. C-bets in the latter stages of a sit and go can very easily be the deciding factor when it comes to missing a cash, min-cashing, or winning altogether.

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