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PokerOffice Software Review

Poker Office is an old name in the poker world, but it has gone through several major revisions in the past few years. The latest version of Poker Office ( has finally put it in contention with the likes of Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager. If you are serious about online poker, this program is worth a close look.

Poker Office is a powerful program that records every hand you play at the tables and compiles a database of in-depth statistics about your own poker game and the games of your opponents. These statistics cover everything from your long term win-rate to how well you play pocket pairs from the small blind.

The program can then be used to make sense of all this information. All your stats are saved so that you can sort through them, view them in graph format and get a deeper understanding of how every aspect of your game works together. Even better is the fact that you can see the same information about all your opponents.

Poker Office and You

Poker Office would be a powerful program in its own right if the only thing it could do was track your own play. The detailed stats that Poker Office collects will give you new insights into your own poker game. You can find out how much money you make at each position, how aggressive you are on each street, which hands treat you the best and more.

You can also display these stats in graph format for easier understanding. For example, players can display their winnings in a graph format to look for long term trends. This is just one example of the many ways in which Poker Office provides details on your own poker game/playing trends.

The most useful aspect of all is the ability to find your own leaks. Poker Office can tell you exactly where you lose the most money. For example, you may lose more money than you realize by over-defending the big blind in cash games. With that information in hand, you can methodically plug every leak in your game.

Poker Office and Your Opponents

Poker Office collects the same information about your opponents as well. That information is then stored under each person’s screen name so that you can go back and analyze the game of any specific opponent. The more hands you play against specific players, the more information you collect on them.

A built-in heads up display (HUD) can be used to display the stats of every opponent on your screen in real time. These stats provide you with basic information such as how often each opponent raises, whether that opponent is winning or losing and much more. With that information, you can make more educated decisions against each opponent.

Poker Office: Is It Worth It?

There’s no question that Poker Office will improve your game and pay for itself. Information is power in poker, and Poker Office provides you with an almost infinite amount of information. It would take a person with a pencil and paper years to do what Poker Office does instantaneously.

The only question is whether or not Poker Office provides a greater value than Holdem Manager. Both programs compete in the same niche and provide players with the same basic service. Holdem Manager has gotten a slightly better reception among poker players, but Poker Office is still worth a close look. In any case, you should definitely invest in at least one of these powerful programs. The full version of PokerOffice is available for $99.

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