top corner Review is a poker training site that focuses primarily on mid-high stakes cash games. Noted online pro Phil Galfond (Jman, OMGClayAiken) founded BlueFire Poker in 2009 and has since assembled a talented team of poker players to serve as instructors in the art of online poker.

NL Holdem and PL Omaha are the main focuses at Tournament players may want to look elsewhere, but cash game players will be hard-pressed to find a better poker training site. Contrary to most training sites that hire dozens of unknown pros, BlueFire Poker has maintained a small but incredibly skilled staff of instructors.

What You Get provides its members with poker strategy articles, videos, blogs and poker discussion forums. The articles, videos and blogs are produced by some of today’s most talented minds in the online poker world. If you get a chance to browse through a few of their free samples, you’ll be impressed by their quality.

Here’s what comes with your BlueFire Poker membership:

  • Poker strategy videos (400+ at last count)
  • Poker strategy articles
  • Poker discussion forums
  • Blogs updated by the instructors

This may sound like a basic list of benefits, but it’s important to note the quality presented here. The articles are written by some of the biggest winners in online poker and these players hold nothing back. A membership here will provide you with a rare look into the minds of successful ultra high stakes poker players. Instructors

The instructor lineup is one of BlueFire Poker’s greatest strengths. Every instructor on the roster is an accomplished online poker professional. Phil Galfond, the lead instructor, has made millions of dollars playing online poker and releases new videos / articles to this day. You won’t find a better cash game instructor anywhere else.

In addition to Phil Galfond, there are also a few other players who specialize at various stakes. Each instructor at brings something different to the table. There are a couple of guys who specialize in 2/4NL – 5/10NL to help you middle-stakers out there, and a few other guys who release small stakes videos to help any newbies out there get started. The full lineup of instructors includes:

  • Phil Galfond (Jman, OMGClayAiken)
  • Niman Kenkre (Samoleus)
  • Jason Senti (PBJaxx)
  • Martin Fournier Giguère (Giggy)
  • Ryan Fees (Fees)
  • Don Nguyen (SoCalQuest)

One instructor in particular I would like to discuss is Niman Kenkre (Samoleus). I played against him back in my 5/10 NL PartyPoker days and I can tell you he is an absolute beast at the tables. I also talked to him a few times and found him to be a classy, intelligent and passionate poker player. Strengths

The single greatest strength of BlueFire Poker is the instructor lineup. The instructors here are the real deal – they’ve been around for a long time and their success is unquestioned. These poker players have made millions of dollars and have the stats and reputations to prove it.

The quality of information provided here comes as an additional strength thanks to the instructors. The articles and videos provided here are well thought out and appear to be more than just some random pro firing up his computer and playing poker. The pros actually teach lessons and let you in on every decision they make.

French poker players will be glad to know that also includes a good amount of French content. This is the first time we’ve seen poker training sites offer content in anything other than English. Weaknesses

The only real weakness is the lack of tournament content at BlueFire Poker. On the other hand, it’s nice to see a training site specialize in one area as well as has. Rather than trying to do everything under one roof, they have decided to stick with what they know: cash games.

Membership Details

A membership at costs $29.99 per month with a $99.99 signup fee. If you join for a six month or 12 month membership, the signup fee is waived. The following membership options are available:

  • $29.99 per month, $99.99 signup fee
  • $249.99 for a six month membership, no signup fee
  • $399.99 for a year membership, no signup fee
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