top corner Review is one of the few poker training sites that focuses specifically on multi table tournaments. An impressive list of MTT specialists has teamed up to offer aspiring MTT players a complete education in the art of online poker tournaments. They don’t do much with cash games or SNGs, but they do know their tournament poker.

At just 24.95 a month with a $35 activation fee, is one of the more inexpensive training sites. That doesn’t mean the training you receive is cheap, though. This site is populated by some of today’s most talented tournament specialists who work hard to show others what they know.

What You Get

The single greatest source of poker strategy at PokerPwnage comes in the form of about 350 tournament training videos. Other poker training sites may have more total videos, but is the only one that has this many videos solely focused on MTTs. They do have a few cash game/SNG videos, but the vast majority of the content here is focused on MTTs. Member benefits can be summed up as follows:

  • Poker tournament videos (350+)
  • Busy discussion forums
  • Private coaching for an additional fee
  • Weekly private tournaments where the prizes are free private lessons

In addition to the videos, PokerPwnage also provides its members with an active poker forum. Inside the forums, members can discuss poker strategy, analyze hand histories and interact on a personal basis with the pros of The PokerPwnage forums are highly trafficked and act as a great source of poker strategy.

The instructors can also be hired by members for private coaching sessions. The prices for private coaching range from $85 to $400 an hour. Although expensive, the private lessons give players a chance to talk 1 on 1 with some of the best tournament players in the world. Instructors

PokerPwnage has a strong lineup of poker tournament specialists that produce content and participate in the discussion forums. These tournament pros have collectively won millions of dollars in both online and live MTTs. The lead instructor, Russell “rdcrsn” Carson has been ranked as high as 2nd in the online rankings.

The coaches make sure to maintain visibility on the site by constantly adding videos and participating in the forums. They know how to communicate with new players and do a fantastic job passing their wisdom on to the next generation of tournament specialists. The full list of coaches includes:

  • Russell “rdcrsn” Carson
  • Jon “sketchy1” Eaton
  • Tom “TitanTom32” Braband
  • Alexander “Assassinato” Fitzgerald
  • Nathan “Nsinger” Singer
  • Zack “Thrash370” Koerper
  • Jerry “herschelw” Watterson
  • “Chardrian”
  • Ben “NeverScaredB” Wilinofsky
  • Brett “bballwiz” Fox
  • Phil “USCPhildo” Collins
  • Damien “zedveron” Elsing
  • EJ “cardsfan04” Folks
  • Carder “+ to the EV!” England

PokerPwnage Strengths

PokerPwnage absolutely excels in the area of multi table tournament strategy. You won’t find a more specialized education anywhere else on the internet. The coaches are strong poker players with results that speak for themselves. If you’re into MTTs, is a great value.

The forums are heavily trafficked and are full of great poker strategy discussions. The forums act as a place for the members to get together, talk strategy and interact with the big name pros that run the whole site. Every poker training site has forums, but the forums at go above and beyond the norm. Weaknesses

The weakness that sticks out the most at is the lack of non-tournament strategy. If you like to dabble in SNGS and cash games, you won’t find much help at PokerPwnage. Then again, that leads us back to the first strength of PokerPwnage: its focus on online multi-table tournaments.

A lack of strategy articles also stands out as a major weakness. Most training sites have a long list of strategy articles and blogs. Unfortunately, focuses purely on its strategy videos and discussion forums. Videos are nice and all, but strategy articles are able to provide more in-depth analyses of specific concepts.

PokerPwnage Membership Options

PokerPwnage offers four membership options. There are no discounts for longer memberships other than the lack of the $35 signup fee. In other words, you don’t gain anything by choosing the 3 month membership over the 1 month membership or by choosing the 12 month membership over the 6 month membership.

  • 1 month membership: $24.99 a month + $35 activation fee
  • 3 month membership: $74.97 per quarter + $35 activation fee
  • 6 month membership: $149.94 and no activation fee
  • 12 month membership: $299.88 and no activation fee
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