top corner Review is the original poker training site that all others since have tried to imitate. This one is the big boy on the block, with nearly two thousand training videos, 30,000+ blog entries and a very active forum. It’s easy to see why Card Runners remains one of the most popular training sites on the internet.

Taylor “Green Plastic” Caby first came up with the idea and launched with his buddy Andrew “Muddywater” Wiggins. If you weren’t around during the online poker boom, Taylor Caby was one of the first players to win fame and big money back when $50/$100 no-limit was the biggest game online.

What You Get provides players with an all-in-one virtual school of poker. The training site has nearly two thousand videos and countless blog posts, articles and forum posts – all produced by respected poker players. This is easily the largest collection of poker strategy material anywhere. Here’s what you’ll get as a member:

  • Poker strategy videos (nearly 2,000)
  • Podcasts (24)
  • Articles (91)
  • Blogs (32,000+ posts)
  • Busy poker strategy forums
  • A full lineup of successful poker pros

All aspects of poker are covered in depth. Whether you’re interested in tournaments, cash games, or Omaha, you’ll find lots of useful strategy advice. The greatest number of videos are dedicated to no-limit Holdem cash games, but you will also find many MTT, SNG, and PLO videos / articles.

Many of the Card Runners videos are presented as a series that imparts a specific lesson or concept. There are only a few poker training sites that go to the extra trouble to provide well-planned videos. At most places, the pros simply record the screen and post whatever comes out the other end. Instructors

The instructor lineup at leaves no doubt that this is a top notch poker training site. Since the beginning of Card Runners, Taylor Caby has worked hard to attract the top poker players in each poker variant. The Card Runners team has earned millions of dollars playing online poker of all varieties – in no-limit, fixed limit, tournament play, SNGs, heads-up and pot-limit Omaha. Here is a quick list of a few of the most well-known instructors:

  • Taylor “Green Plastic” Caby
  • Colin “Colinmosman” Moshman
  • Cole “CTS” South
  • Jungleman12
  • Kush
  • David “Raptor” Benefield
  • Brian “Sbrugby” Townsend

One other thing you will appreciate as a Card Runners member is that the poker instructors aren’t just picked for their skills at the tables. These players also skilled teachers of the game. They know how to talk to up-and-coming poker players in a manner that is professional and informative. Strengths has done just about everything right, but their greatest strength is their instructor roster. With prodigal players like Taylor Caby and Brian Townsend revealing everything they know about the game, it’s hard not to be impressed. If you listen to what any of the Card Runners coaches say, you will improve at poker.

Another strength that deserves a mention is Card Runner’s business-like approach to poker training. They take what they do very seriously and they release videos on a set schedule. When you sign up as a member, you will know exactly what to expect. Currently, they release 10 videos a week plus additional strategy articles and posts. Weaknesses

The closest thing Card Runners has to a weakness is their emphasis on cash games. You will definitely find more heads-up and six-max cash game videos than any other type here. The MTT and SNG strategy sections aren’t really lacking in any way, but you can tell who was originally intended for. Membership Details

Card Runners offers three different membership options in addition to a free 7 day trial. If you decide to stay with them after your free trial, you can choose from any of the following signup options:

  • $30 a month - $100 signup fee
  • $240 for six months - $100 signup fee
  • $360 for one year – no signup fee
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