top corner Review was started a few years back by two online professionals from Canada. Neither of these guys is a big name in the poker world, but they each manage to bring home more than $10,000 a month playing no limit Holdem cash games. At Outstanding Poker, these pros teach you how to mimic their winning strategy.

You won’t learn how to beat $500/$1000 no limit games at Outstanding Poker, but you will learn how to use a low variance style to earn consistent money with online poker. If you want to learn how to use a simple strategy to dominate the medium stakes cash games online, Outstanding Poker is the place to go.

What You Get offers its members a variety of services to improve their poker games. When you join Outstanding Poker, you will get access to a library of 120+ training videos plus poker strategy articles, your own poker blog, Podcasts, strategy forums and poker strategy e-books. Here's a quick summary of member benefits:

  • Poker training videos (120+)
  • Poker strategy discussion forums
  • Poker strategy articles
  • Pro poker blogs
  • Your own poker blog
  • Poker strategy Podcasts
  • Poker strategy e-books

New videos are released once or twice a week, so the video library has grown somewhat slowly compared to other poker training sites. The quality of videos is high, however, and the pros know how to teach what they know to aspiring poker players. Content is geared mostly towards shorthanded cash games, MTTs, and heads-up SNGs.

Outstanding Poker Instructors

Outstanding Poker was started by two poker professionals and since then a couple other pros have joined the instructor lineup. None of these guys are big names, but they definitely know they are doing and they have the stats to back it up. The instructors are also skilled at explaining complex topics in layman’s terms.

The Instructor Lineup:

  • Tim “atta22” McKillican
  • Errol “killer_be_99” Potok
  • Matt “mattutaylor” Taylor
  • Wayne Lo

The two original instructors are primarily cash game players, and that is where most of the training is focused. The good news is that the two newest coaches are both skilled in tournament poker. The newest tournament coach, Matt Taylor, has won more than $200,000 in online poker tournaments (this stat is verifiable at

Outstanding Poker Strengths

Outstanding Poker delivers on its promise to turn poker players into solid winners. They don’t teach you how to make millions of dollars a year playing, but they know how to turn just about anyone into a $10,000 a month grinder. This may also be considered a weakness, but it’s nice to have a realistic, attainable goal.

The instructors at Outstanding Poker are involved in the community and participate in the forums regularly. One of the resident pros recently completed a bankroll building challenge, starting from $100 at a different poker site. Throughout the challenge, he regularly updated the members by posting in his challenge thread explaining exactly what he was doing, and more importantly, why. That should go to show how involved the instructors are. Weaknesses

Outstanding Poker does not shoot for the stars in its approach to poker training. They don’t have any high stakes veterans to teach players the advanced strategy that is required for $25/$50 NL and above. Instead, they stick with the safer route of teaching players how to beat games up to $10/$20 NL.

There aren’t many instructors here. The strategy you get here is great, but there aren’t many diverse styles to learn from. The instructors here prefer to play a simple, low-variance style that aims for steady income. There’s nothing wrong with such a strategy, but it would also be nice to see some winning LAGs join the team.

Outstanding Poker Membership Details

Outstanding Poker has a simple membership system. They offer a month-to-month membership that costs $14.95 a month with no signup fee. You can also buy a year long membership for $140 flat. Considering everything they have to offer and the low price, Outstanding Poker is a good value for the money.

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