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5 Things to Work on in Poker for 2021

Friday, 25th December 2020

Looking forward to 2021, many of us are hopeful that life will return back to normal. Hopefully, we will be emerging from the pandemic and will be able to return to our normal lives in poker and beyond. Looking ahead to next year, you can start planning now on areas of your poker game you […]

Poker Players Charity

Why Poker Players Should Donate to Charity

Thursday, 24th December 2020

PokerNews recently reported that Gershon Distenfeld will donate the post-tax proceeds from his WSOP Main Event final table run to charity. To the average poker players, this probably seems completely insane. For some, the WSOP Main Event final table is the largest live poker score in one’s career. To give away the money seems insane. […]

River Bet in Seven Card Stud

8 Game Strategy Part IV – Seven Card Stud

Wednesday, 23rd December 2020

Continuing our series on 8-Game strategy, we look at one of three variants of Stud poker in the game. Seven Card Stud is the oldest form of poker still spread in live and online poker rooms. It is a simple game where players make the best poker hand out of seven cards. Each player has […]

Laddering in Poker Tournaments

Tips for Laddering Up in Poker Tournaments

Tuesday, 22nd December 2020

You’ve probably heard about the concept of laddering up in a poker tournament and not understood the term. Laddering is where you’re trying to move up the payouts to try and secure a larger payout. These players are not focusing on winning the tournament, but rather are just trying to eek out a profit. While […]

PokerStars Kentucky Judgment

Kentucky Judgment Against PokerStars Reinstated

Monday, 21st December 2020

PokerStars was handed perhaps their biggest loss ever in the Kentucky Supreme last week. The court reinstated a Franklin Circuit Court judgment against PokerStars. If the judgment is paid in full, PokerStars will need to pay $1.3 billion. The judgment covers activities of PokerStars prior to Black Friday. Should The Stars Group pay the penalty, […]

Poker Hall of Fame

2020 Poker Hall of Fame List of Finalists Announced

Saturday, 19th December 2020

On Thursday, the WSOP announced the official list of finalists for the 2020 Poker Hall of Fame. The final list consists of 11 individuals with two being considered as a team. Also, it appears that two finalists from last year did not roll over to the final list as was previously reported. Four New Names […]

2020 WSOP Main Event

Peiyuan Sun Made Decision to Skip WSOP Main Event Final +EV

Friday, 18th December 2020

By now, most of you have heard that Damian Salas won the international leg of the 2020 World Series of Poker Main Event. He will advance to the finals to face the winner of the American leg of the event. One story that has been glossed over is that of ninth-place finisher Peiyuan Sun. Sun […]

Thoughts On 2020 WSOP Main Event Heading Into Finale

Wednesday, 16th December 2020

As reported yesterday, Damian Salas won the international leg of the 2020 WSOP Main Event. The final table for the American leg is also set. We now have just a couple of weeks before a world champion of poker is crowned. When the Main Event was originally announced, we wondered if it would reach a […]

Damian Salas 2020 WSOP Main Event

Damian Salas Wins WSOP Main Event International

Tuesday, 15th December 2020

The 2020 WSOP Main Event has crowned its international winner and the final table for the US version is also set. On Tuesday, Damian Salas came out on top at the final table in the international leg of the event. He defeated Brunno Botteon heads-up for the $1.55 million top prize and to advance to […]

8 Game Strategy Part 3 – Omaha Hi-Lo

Monday, 14th December 2020

Continuing our look at 8 Game strategy, we turn our attention to the first of two split pot games in the mix. Omaha Hi-Lo is a staple of most mixed games and popular amongst non-Hold’em players. The game commands a lot of action, but players also tend to make a ton of mistakes. Today, we […]

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