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PL Omaha Starting Hands

8 Game Strategy Part VIII – Pot Limit Omaha

Monday, 18th January 2021

We have come to the end of our series on 8-Game strategy. This week, we go over Pot-Limit Omaha. PLO is one of two big-bet games added to HORSE to bring in the NL Hold’em crowd. The PLO round is one of two rounds where you will see shorter stacks try and double up or […]

Howard Tahoe Andrew

Howard “Tahoe” Andrew Passes Away at 86

Saturday, 16th January 2021

If you have spent any time in major tournament poker, you’ve probably heard of or played with Howard “Tahoe” Andrew. Long known as one of the elder statesmen of poker, the two-time WSOP bracelet winner was a favorite among those that knew him. Unfortunately, Tahoe passed away earlier this week at the age of 86. […]

Sheldon Adelson

Online Gambling Opponent Sheldon Adelson Dies

Friday, 15th January 2021

Tuesday certainly brought some mixed emotions to the poker world. Sheldon Adelson, the long-time opponent of online gambling, passed away after an extended battle with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The casino mogul was at one point the richest man in the world and was a staunch supporter of Israel. He was also one of the top supporters […]

Indiana Gambling Bill

Indiana to Consider Online Poker Legalization

Thursday, 14th January 2021

Many of us were uncertain what 2021 would bring for online poker legalization in the United States. Fortunately, we already know about one state that is looking to legalize online poker. According to reports, Indiana will consider online poker in 2021. Senator Jon Ford has been drafting a bill to legalize online gambling in Indiana. […]

Razz Poker Strategy

8 Game Strategy – Part VII – Razz

Wednesday, 13th January 2021

Last week, we jumped right into the No-Limit Hold’em portion of our series on 8-Game strategy, totally forgetting about Razz. That’s not surprising as Razz is a game that many poker players would like to skip. However, if you want to be successful in mixed games, you must learn Razz. Razz is Seven Card Stud […]

Where to Start Online Poker

Where to Start When Playing Online Poker

Tuesday, 12th January 2021

We all have to start somewhere. Some of you may be playing online poker for the first time and not sure quite where to start. The answer depends on various factors such as skill level, bankroll, and time commitments. Today, we will give you some suggestions on what games to play when you first start […]

Bitcoin Poker Deposits

Bitcoin Smashes Through $40,000 – What’s Next?

Saturday, 09th January 2021

Years ago, you may remember several high-profile poker pros talking about investing in Bitcoin. You may also remember Doug Polk’s crypto channel that earned him a lot of mainstream popularity. Anyone that got into Bitcoin and continued to HODL to this point is surely happy they listened. On Friday, Bitcoin smashed the $40,000 mark and […]

US Online Poker

US Online Poker Predictions for 2021

Thursday, 07th January 2021

If you’re in the United States, you know that your options are limited for online poker. For those in regulated online poker states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Nevada, your options are further limited. Now that we are in 2021, I figured I’d take a few moments and give my predictions on what I see […]

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu Continues Battle With Doug Polk

Wednesday, 06th January 2021

Daniel Negreanu is nothing if not a fighter. The Poker Hall of Famer is down over $700k to Doug Polk in their grudge match. When the battle reached the halfway point, Negreanu had the option to quit and let Polk have bragging rights. Instead, Negreanu has opted to battle on and continue the battle against […]

No Limit Hold'em

8 Game Strategy Part VI – No Limit Hold’em

Tuesday, 05th January 2021

One reason that 8-Game became the option for the Poker Player’s Championship at the World Series of Poker is that it includes NL Hold’em. It is the game most everyone nowadays cuts their teeth on. It is the one round where you will see the most action. Often, players will wait until this round to […]

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