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New Poker Sites

Find Big Bonuses and Easy Games at New Online Poker Sites

New poker sites can be worth looking out for. Not only will you find innovative software, games and promotions – new sites often have a big marketing budget too. Players can enjoy bigger bonuses than are available at established sites. There is often a period of time before ‘regulars’ get established at the tables where new poker sites offer noticeably softer games too.

This page covers some of the best new poker sites, both for US players and those worldwide. Underneath the recommendations of the newest sites below, you’ll find pros and cons of choosing these sites compared to their longer-running rivals.

  • Location: Canada
  • Established: 2015
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  • Traffic: 7,438 Players
  • Mac Friendly: No
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#1 Newest US-Friendly Poker Site – Ignition Poker

Ignition Poker are not only the newest US friendly poker site, they are also the biggest by a long way. These facts seem contradictory. What happened was that Ignition Casino took over the poker room which was run by Bovada. That room has been around for many years (it was originally known as Bodog Poker) and was the most popular US site. Ignition have breathed new life into this poker room – though the software and schedule will be familiar to many players.

The main reasons to play at the new Ignition Poker are the bonuses and the ‘recreational player model’. Their policy is to ensure that the games are entertaining for recreational players – and not swamped by ‘pro grinders’ as is the case with many other sites. This is achieved by keeping the games anonymous, restricting 3rd party software and capping the number of simultaneous games at 4. Ignition Poker also offer a wide range of deposit options for US players, including Bitcoin as well as credit cards and money transfer services.

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  • Location: Canada
  • Established: 2024
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  • Traffic: 5,236 Players
  • Mac Friendly: Yes
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#2 - New US / International Poker Site – BetOnline Poker

A relative newcomer to the US friendly poker sites list is BetOnline Poker. The brand itself is anything but new. BetOnline have been offering sports betting via phone and online for many years from their offshore base in Panama. In 2011 they joined the Chico Poker Network, a group of sites which share a common poker software client and the same games.

BetOnline are the biggest site on the Chico Network – and they provide a lot of the new players. You will find that the games are soft, thanks to a lot of sports betting traffic crossing over into the poker room. There are plenty of cash games, and the tournament selection at this site is starting to grow too. With regular reload bonuses and player promotions, this network look set to grow.

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The new poker sites listed above are the best choices for a player looking for an up to date poker room in 2024 . We recommend picking any of the three sites above and signing up today.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Choosing New Poker Sites

There are two main reasons to choose the newest poker sites. These are to get better bonuses, and to find the softest games.

When a new site starts up, the owners will usually have a budget to attract players. You can take advantage of these offers, which are often substantially better than those at the older sites. Examples might include 200% sign-up bonus offers, or big money promotions to encourage regular play. Remember to check the terms and conditions before you deposit, as some bonus offers are easier to ‘clear’ than others.

Older sites, especially the bigger ones, have a lot of ‘regulars’. These are established and experienced players that specialize in certain formats. While these players are often mechanical in their play (and can be beaten), they do take money from the tables. Newer sites will have fewer of this type of opponent – you will often find the games feature a changing line-up, and are noticeably softer than their equivalents at the bigger sites.

Choosing newer poker sites does have some drawbacks. The biggest of these is that sites will not have had time to build the same trusted track record that the older sites enjoy. As long as you check for a license, game fairness certification and a clean track record (to date) in payment processing, this should not be a major problem.
The other drawback is that new sites are smaller than the older established ones. This means that their tournament guarantees, high stakes action and overall choice of tables is smaller too.

For many players, the soft games and bigger welcome bonus offers more than make up for this. Check out some of the newest poker sites for yourself soon – you’ll see the difference!

Advantages of New Poker Sites

New poker sites may not have as many players as old poker sites, but they offer several key advantages that make them worth a try. Most importantly, new poker sites are hungry for your business. These new poker sites are 100% focused on attracting new players and are willing to offer much larger deposit bonuses than other sites. Our list of the best new poker sites offer nearly $2,000 in combined welcome bonuses.

The second advantage of new poker sites is that they offer new software and features that the older sites haven’t yet implemented. Aced Poker, for example, is one of only a few poker sites that gives two all-in players the option to deal the turn and river cards twice – just like the live pros in Vegas. And with PKR, you’ll get cutting edge software that no other poker site has even come close to matching.

On top of all that, new poker sites often have overlays on their guaranteed tournaments. What that means is that if the poker site guarantees a certain amount of money in its tournament but not enough players participate, the poker site ends up injecting extra money straight into the prize pool to meet the guarantee. This results in tournaments with large prize pools and limited competition.

Avoid Brand New Poker Sites

When we say “new poker sites,” we mean poker sites that are relatively new but not brand-spanking new. New poker sites pop up all the time but many of them are started by unknown companies that have yet to prove themselves. It’s best to avoid poker sites that are so new that they haven’t yet built a reputation among online poker players.

Poker sites that are about 2-4 years old are prime for the picking. These poker sites have been around long enough to be develop solid reputations but they haven’t been around so long that they take their players for granted. Once you find that perfect balance, you’ll find out just how well new poker sites treat their players.

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