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Play the Best No-Download Online Poker Games

Flash was one of the first programing languages used to create animations online. In the early days of the web it became a common format for banner adverts, interactive games – and eventually for poker. Flash was not without issues. Early versions were resource intensive, and prone to crashing, which was far from ideal when you just got dealt a big hand. These days Flash has moved with the times, and recent games based on this are unrecognizable from those early efforts.

At the same time as Flash poker games improved, rival formats have appeared. The most common of these is HTML5, though some poker sites also offer Java-based gaming. These are in addition to the old download packages, and newer apps – which are split into native code for Android and iOS devices.

Many poker sites now offer Flash games, you’ll find a selection of the best of these in the table below.

The three sites listed above are the best poker sites with flash compatibility. Read on to learn why

How Poker Sites with Flash Software Work

The core idea behind Flash games is that these can work in your browser window. Browser games are independent of the device, allowing you to access the same sites on Windows, Linux or Android machines. iOS, the operating system which powers Apple devices, is missing from this list. Steve Jobs was not a fan of Flash (which is created by Adobe), and withdrew support for this from Apple products. Most Flash real-money sites can be reached via Mac computers and iPhone / iPad devices. If those sites do not have HTML5 options to make this work, then a simple browser plug-in will work.

Flash games will automatically resize to fit in your browser window. Some sites have special mobile-friendly versions. If you are disconnected during play, most poker sites will provide you with extra time to reconnect. Your hand will then be folded.

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Flash Poker Games?

Before Flash games you needed to download large software packages onto your computer to access online poker games. This limited your access to those machines, and stopped you hopping between sites without having to go through another download. There are still some advantages to the download model – though mobility is certainly not one of them.

With Flash, you are free to access your poker account on any computing device which has a web browser. These days the games are smooth and fast enough that you will be able to enjoy the games – though your options for game types and ability to multi-table might still be limited.

Only having one table at a time is a big drawback for some players. Fast-fold poker games, for example PokerStars’ Zoom Poker or iPoker’s ‘Speed Holdem’ offer a solution to this. These games work with player pools, and let you start a new hand the second you fold (or win) the last one. This lets you get a lot of poker into a single browser window!

What are the Features of the Best Flash Poker Sites?

With most major poker sites offering no-download games these days – the main reasons for selecting a site are their games, customer service and bonus deals.

Before you start to play, I recommend finding out which types of games are offered in Flash format by your site. The default is cash games, with fast-fold, sit and goes and tournaments offered by some sites. If you are playing on a mobile device, then cash games are usually a better bet than the longer-form tournament format.
There are some big differences between the major poker rooms when it comes to their welcome bonus offers. These look very similar when you compare only the headline deals. Checking the terms and conditions will often reveal that there are some big differences between them. Look out for how many points you need to earn at the tables before your bonus is ‘cleared’. Some bonuses clear into your real money account in increments, while others require you to reach (often high) targets before releasing this in one lump sum. Keep in mind that welcome bonuses are short term benefits. The best poker sites have reward programs or cash back, which rewards longer term players for their loyalty.

You can choose poker sites based on many more criteria, which depend on your location as well as your personal preferences. US-based players will need to choose one of the offshore US-friendly poker sites. International players might look for sites with the most pros, best customer service – or the softest and fishiest poker games.

Flash Poker Sites in the Future

Computing is moving to the cloud, and internet speeds and the capability of individual computers is improving all the time too. This combination of factors is fast putting the need for software downloads into the past. Flash and HTML5 games are already great alternatives to the downloads of old, it will not be long before they are the go-to way of accessing online poker games.

More About Flash Poker Sites

Flash poker sites use the same technology that many other websites use to display content on the web. All modern web browsers can display flash media so you won’t have any problems getting started at any flash poker site. These instant-play poker sites open the poker lobby in one window and then open each table in a separate window. It feels just like playing through normal software other than the fact that your browser windows are used to show the tables.

Flash poker sites offer several advantages that make them popular choices for many players. For one, flash poker sites require no download. Whether you’re paranoid about downloads or are playing at someone else’s computer, flash poker sites give you instant access to real money poker tables.

Mac owners have been using instant-play poker software for years because there are not many Mac compatible poker sites out there. Times are changing, though, and several poker sites have released Mac friendly software in recent years. If you have the option to download actual Mac software, we recommend you go that route. As nice as flash poker is, it’s easier to have software installed on your computer. That way you’ll get the full experience and have the poker games accessible right on your desktop.

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