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Linux Poker Sites

It seems like Mac and Windows get all the attention from poker sites these days, but Linux is another operating system that has its fair share of poker-playing users. The good news is that there are several poker sites that are completely compatible with Linux setups. On this toplist page, we have listed the best poker sites for Linux users:

  • Location: Kahnawake
  • Established: 2010
  • Promo Code: n/a
  • Traffic: 7,129 Players
  • Mac Friendly: Yes
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Lock Poker USA Friendly
#1 Linux Compatible Poker Site!

Lock Poker is a solid poker site that has reached new levels of success in recent years. Lock Poker ( also known as Lock) has been online since 2001 and is well known in the poker community. With cash games that run at stakes as high as $200/$400 no-limit and a weekly $200,000 tournament, Lock is full of action.

Linux poker players can play at Lock Poker through its no-download instant play software. This software displays the poker lobby and tables through your web browser, but it looks almost identical to the full download software. Linux users will be impressed with how quickly the no-download software runs.

Overall, you’ll find that Lock Poker is one of the nicest looking Linux-compatible poker sites out there. Their no-download software looks so similar to the full download that it’s easy to get them mixed up. The tables run quickly, hands are dealt efficiently, and the overall experience is one that speaks of professionalism.

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The sites listed above are the best poker sites for Linux users. Read on to learn more about playing Linux poker.

About Linux Poker Sites

Linux is a great operating system but it has yet to catch on in a big way like Mac or Windows. Even so, the Linux user base is growing and several major online poker sites have made sure to offer Linux compatible solutions. The poker sites listed above are particularly adept at offering real money poker to all computer users.

We have yet to see a poker site design software specifically for the Linux OS. Instead, what we see are instant play solutions that use your web browser to display the poker lobby and host the tables. Technology has improved rapidly over the past couple of years and today’s instant-play poker is nearly indistinguishable from download poker.

As more and more Linux users try online poker, it is possible that we will see Linux-friendly applications developed by poker sites. As it stands now, there just aren’t enough Linux users to justify the expensive of developing new software.

Linux Poker with Wine

If you really want to experience full download poker on your Linux, there is another option: Wine. Wine is a free and open-source program that is designed to let you run Windows programs on your Linux. This program is used for a variety of purposes and it also works nicely for online poker.

You can visit to learn more and get started with this option. Personally, we recommend instant play poker as it’s the fastest and most simple solution. But if you’re comfortable with computers and would like to download the software of any poker room, Wine is a great solution.

One of the long term benefits of Wine is that it is making Linux a more accessible operating system. People no longer have to give up all their Windows programs when they make the switch to Linux. As a result, it is very possible that enough people will be willing to try Linux that online poker sites will be willing to develop Linux poker software.

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