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Poker Sites for High Rollers

High roller poker sites offer poker fans the unique opportunity to observe and participate in high stakes poker action outside of major casinos. Poker sites have slowly increased the stakes they offer over the years and now offer games that allow $100,000 buyins and tournaments with million dollar prize pools.

If you’re interested in high stakes poker, the following poker sites will serve you the best. These high roller poker sites are visited by big name professionals on a regular basis, so be careful if you plan on joining the high stakes action. The players at the highest limits are generally quite skilled compared to players at any other level.

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More About High Roller Poker Sites

High stakes poker sites are fun to play at because they give you a chance to watch the high stakes pros battle it out with $100,000+ stacks in real time action. It’s also cool to know that if you grow your bankroll large enough, you’ll be able to join the high stakes tables one day yourself.

If you’re planning on making a large deposit at any of these online poker sites, it’s recommended that you contact their customer support team first. Most deposit methods have limits on the amount of money that can be deposited in a single day, week and month. With the help of the customer support team, you can increase your deposit limits and talk about alternative deposit methods.

Withdrawals are handled in much the same manner for high stakes players. A popular withdrawal method for large sums is the wire transfer straight from Full Tilt Poker to your bank account. Some high roller poker sites may ask for proof of your identity, but that’s completely understandable given the large sums of money.

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