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Learning the Poker Software

Now that you've chosen your poker site, read these articles to learn how to start playing:

How to Download and Install a Poker Room

Learn how to download and install our favorite online poker room, Even though we use as an example here, the advice in this article will apply to really any online poker software.

Poker on a Mac vs. Poker on Windows

Learn the primary differences between playing poker on a Mac vs. playing poker on a Windows platform. We also recommend how Mac players can get the best online poker experience available.

Efficient Use of the Poker Lobby

Read this article to get a better understanding of how to properly use an online poker lobby. You will learn how to sort the tables, analyze table statistics, and find the easiest to beat poker tables.

Efficient Use of the Poker Table

This article visually teaches you how to use the poker table, including how to bet/check/fold, use table statistics, take player notes, buy real money chips, leave the table, and more.

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