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A Comparison of Windows Poker and Mac Poker

Online poker is slightly different for Mac users than it is for Windows users. As you probably already know, Mac computers are not as widely used as Windows computers. This results in a significant lack of programs that are compatible with Macs – including online poker programs.

When a Windows user wants to play online poker, he can simply download the poker room, install it and run it any time to play. Few poker sites offer software that works with Mac computers. These players must then use a no-download option or use a PC emulator. In the following sections, we will discuss the various things Mac users do to play online poker.

Mac Compatible Poker Sites

A couple poker sites actually have software that can be downloaded and used on Macs. These poker sites have created Mac-friendly downloads that can be installed on any Mac computer. This is the easiest option to implement, provided you don’t mind playing at those specific rooms.

Mac software is designed to integrate seamlessly with the rest of the poker network. This means that you won’t be stuck playing against Mac players only. With Mac-compatible poker software, you are able to play against everyone else just like normal. You usually won’t get as many features with Mac poker software, but the overall experience is the same as what you would get with a PC.

No-Download Poker Sites for Mac

Most online poker sites have a no-download option that works with Mac computers. Instead of downloading a poker program to your computer, these poker sites have an option where you can access the poker room through your web browser. All you need is an Internet connection and you can play at any no-download poker site.

This instant-play option works well with all computers, whether they be Macs, Windows or anything else. As long as your computer can access the internet, you can use instant-play poker to hop online and play for real money. You will still have access to the same players and tables as everyone else.

The one drawback to no-download poker is that you don’t get as many features as you do with the full download software. For example, you won’t be able to open 14 tables at a time when you play through the no-download software. You will still get the full, real-money poker experience minus a few minor limitations.

PC Emulators

This solution is a little technical in nature, so it’s not recommended unless you’re fairly comfortable with computers. An emulator is a program that lets your Mac computer run Windows programs. Program such as WineHQ let you run normal Windows programs on your Mac.

Once you have an emulator installed, you can use it to download the software from any regular poker site. The emulator will then install and run the program for you so that you can get the full download experience. This solution works well for Mac computers, but it’s not the easiest to get started.

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