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Poker Sites with the Best VIP Programs

Poker sites offer rewards programs as a means of rewarding their loyal players and increasing repeat business. The best poker rewards programs offer players poker cash back incentives, frequent reload bonuses, and store items that can be purchased with frequent player points. Whether you’re a hardcore grinder or a casual player, these poker rewards programs will make your stay at any poker site a more profitable one.

A great poker rewards program is useful no matter how much you play because the rewards you earn cost absolutely nothing. For the best poker rewards programs on the Internet, check out any of the following poker sites. You’ll find lots of extra goodies at any one of these online poker rooms.

  • Location: Canada
  • Established: 2015
  • Ref. Code: n/a
  • Traffic: 5,236 Players
  • Mac Friendly: No
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#1 Online Poker Rewards Program!

Ignition Poker is a medium sized poker room that is working hard to keep its current players happy and also to attract new players. Players earn VIP points at Ignition by playing in real money poker games. These points can then be exchanged for cash, VIP Store items and free tournament entries.

The VIP program at Ignition Poker has five levels of membership based on the number of points you earn at the tables. At the lowest levels, players can trade in their VIP points for up to $50 in cash each month. The players at the higher levels can receive anywhere from $100 to $1,000 every month just for trading in their VIP points. Additionally, players can trade in their points for a long list of items at the VIP Store. Everything from Zippo lighters to iMac computers can be found at the VIP Store.

Points are earned quickly at Ignition. In ring games, players earn 1 VIP point for every $0.10 paid in rake. So if you play in a pot and pay $1.00 in rake, you’ll get 10 VIP points. In tournaments, players earn 1 VIP point per $0.10 paid in tournament fees. So if you enter a $20+$2 tournament, you will earn 20 points.

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More About Online Poker Rewards Programs

Thanks to poker rewards programs, you’ll always have something to show for all the time you put in at the tables. Whether you have a winning month or a losing month, you will receive frequent player points and special perks that live poker rooms cannot compete with. The best poker rewards programs make a big difference in your long term win rate and overall winnings from poker.

In programs that offer you a choice between cash prizes and items from the rewards store, the items give you the most bang for your buck. On the other hand, cash has its own special value due to its flexibility. With a cash prize, you aren’t just limited to the items listed in the rewards store. The option to choose between cash prizes and items from the store is one of the main reasons why we consider Sportsbook Poker to be the poker site with the best rewards program.

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