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Poker Sites with Cash Back Rewards

Free merchandise and tournament tickets are always nice, but some poker sites know that players love cash the most. We like the flexibility offered by cash so we created this list of poker sites with cash back programs. If you play poker on a regular basis, the following poker rooms will reward you with free money every month.

Cash back programs are offered by certain poker sites as a part of their VIP programs for frequent players. The extra money can be kept and used to grow the bankroll or it can be cashed out and spent as you please. With these cash back programs, you get to choose your own rewards for playing poker.

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#1 Poker Cash Back Program!

Lock Poker has a comprehensive VIP program and offers cash back bonuses for players who prefer cash over items from the VIP store. When you make it to the third level (out of 5) in the Lock Poker VIP program, you can start getting cash back rewards. Here’s how the cash back bonus breaks down at Lock Poker:

VIP Level FPPs to Reach Level Maximum Cash Back/Month
Member 0 $0
Player 50 per month $0
Contender 500 per month $50
Legend 2,500 per month $250
Icon 10,000 per month $1,000

Frequent player points, also called “UltimatePoints” are worth $0.007 per point. This means that for every 1429 points you trade in, you’ll get $10 in cash back money. Points are earned in tournaments at a rate of 1 point per $0.30 paid in fees. In ring games, the number of points you earn per hand is based on the stakes you play. At the lowest levels, you will earn 1 point every 15 hands and at the highest stakes, you’ll earn 2 points per hand.

Lock Poker’s VIP program is a great all around program but the points for cash deal isn’t exceptional in any way. PlayersOnly and Sportsbook Poker have much more generous cash back programs. If cash back is your main priority, you’ll do best with either of the first two poker sites.

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More About Cash Back Poker Sites

Poker sites offer cash back programs in an attempt to attract as many different types of players as possible. Most poker players like to use their points for free items from the VIP store but there are still plenty of players out there who prefer straight up cash. It’s a nice way to choose your own benefits for playing online poker. The cash can also be used to help you build up your bankroll and move up in stakes faster.

Before you trade in your points for cash, you may want to check the VIP store to make sure there isn’t anything you want in there. In most cases, you’ll get better value for your points by trading them in for items rather than cash. Cash back programs are not a bad deal, but the flexibility offered by cash comes at a premium.

The cash back poker sites listed here all max out at $1,000 per month, which is not too bad at all. If you play a lot of online poker, you can earn a nice extra income from cash back rewards alone. Combine that with your regular poker winnings and it’s not hard to make a few thousand a month playing part time poker.

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