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Daniel Negreanu Twitch Channel Banned After Tirade

Daniel Negreanu Twitch Banned

Daniel Negreanu is one of the most popular pros in the poker world. He also can be one of the most controversial. Recently, Negreanu went on a tirade against a viewer on his Twitch channel. This sparked a ton of controversy amongst the poker community.

Twitch has now responded by banning Negreanu’s channel. How did Negreanu respond? With an “apology” that effectively continued poking fun at the original troll.

Negreanu Goes Off After Troll Attacks His Wife

The incident in question occurred on Friday while Negreanu was streaming the $400 NL Hold’em 8 Handed of the 2020 WSOP Online. A viewer named “Tom Estrada” apparently made a vulgar comment about Amanda Leatherman, Negreanu’s wife, and quickly deleted the comment.

Negreanu saw the comment and went off on the viewer. He told him to “F*** yourself” and then said that he would break his teeth and feed them to him anally. The tirade only lasted about 30 seconds, but the clip went viral in the poker community.

Of course, this tirade gave some the opportunity to unload on Negreanu. One such person is Doug Polk. Oh, you thought Polk was retired? He is. Polk retired from playing poker, but not from making Youtube videos, and definitely not from bashing on Negreanu. You can check out his latest troll post below.

Twitch Bans Negreanu’s Channel

Following the tirade from Negreanu. Twitch has decided to ban Negreanu from the platform. At the moment, the ban is considered a permanent ban, but it is also very likely that the ban will be reversed.

The world found out about the ban from the Twitter channel StreamerBans. It contained a tag of #FirstBan, which probably indicates that the ban will be temporary.

Looking at other posts from this account, the length of bans vary but it appears that most face bans of up to two weeks. Odds are that Negreanu will face one of the longer bans just because some of his tweets were considered sexually charged and homophobic.

Negreanu Issues an “Apology”

On Monday, Negreanu made a statement during a stream of the $400 NL Hold’em Freezeout. It was clear Negreanu was not focused on the tournament as he busted quickly on a A-K flip. However, the expected statement came where he issued what was assumed to be an apology.

What ensued was clearly Negreanu continuing to troll “Tom Estrada” as he apologized to assuming that he could actually break his teeth or feed them to him anally. Obviously, no actual apology was given.

Instead, Negreanu told viewers his mindset for his tirade and explained that he lost his temper after a personal attack against his wife. The admission was about as genuine as you will get from a poker player and explained why he reacted the way he did. He then addressed some of the accusations that he was being homophobic and called it ”a stretch” to assume his comments were sexual in nature.

Negreanu then addressed the Twitch ban and admitted that he broke the TOS and accepts the punishment. He said that he thought a perm ban was a bit much, but will be fine regardless.

Looking at the situation as a whole, we can cut Negreanu some slack considering that this involved his wife. Most of us would react in similar fashion if our significant other was being attacked by some random troll on a Twitch stream.

With that said, Negreanu needs to work on his temper for the future. Outbursts like this do nothing to help his image or help grow the game of poker. Hopefully he will take this as a learning experience and work on reacting a bit calmer in the future, at least on stream. Rants are more the stuff of Twitter.

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