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eWalletXpress Poker Sites


eWalletXpress is a deposit option that works in a similar manner to PayPal and NETeller except eWalletXpress accepts players from the United States. If you plan on making frequent deposits/withdrawals or moving your money from one poker site to the next, eWalletXpress is a great deposit option. The fact that it’s open to US players makes eWalletXpress a unique poker deposit method.

If you would like to use eWalletXpress to play real money poker, you can create an account by visiting After that, just choose one of the poker sites below, sign up for an account there and you can deposit from inside your poker account. It doesn’t take long to get everything set up but once you have an account at eWalletXpress and a poker site, depositing and withdrawing is be easy.

eWalletXpress for Poker Deposits

eWalletXpress is a simple deposit method to use once you have an account there. After you sign up for an account at eWalletXpress, you can fund that account with money from your bank. From there, you can deposit at any of the above poker sites and start playing right away with real money.

One of the main advantages of using services such as eWalletXpress is that you don’t have to give out your banking information to a bunch of online poker sites. These poker sites are all safe places to play but it’s still better to only give your account info to one company rather than a dozen or more different companies. Security minded poker players love eWalletXpress for that one reason alone.

eWalletXpress also makes it easy to keep track of your poker bankroll. By having your money online in a separate account, you don’t get your poker money all mixed up with the rest of your money. This makes it a lot easier to resist the urge to spend your bankroll on other things you don’t need.

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