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EcoCard Poker Sites

EcoCard is a popular poker deposit method that has been processing payments since 1999. This company works along the same lines as PayPal in that you can set up an account, fund that account, then move your money to/from poker sites. As a member, you can also get a physical EcoCard that can be used at stores and ATMs.

EcoCard is a fairly common deposit option at the majority of online poker sites. EcoCard is not available to customers from the United States, but it is very poplar in Europe. A history of fast payments and secure transactions have made EcoCard a strong choice for the global poker community.

More About EcoCard Poker Deposits

EcoCard is a handy payment solution for poker players because it acts as both an eWallet and a physical debit card. With an account at EcoCard, you can send money to and from most online poker sites. You can also use EcoCard to make physical purchases, get cash and even to buy things online.

EcoCard is a great deposit option for all poker players, but serious players will find it especially useful. One of the advantages to using a service such as EcoCard is that it makes it easy to keep your poker bankroll separate from all your other money. You can hold your bankroll online and even make small purchases without having to mix your online poker bankroll money with your other money.

The convenience of EcoCard is another major advantage for its users. Having access to all your money in one place makes it easy to manage your bankroll and move it from one site to the next. EcoCard recently announce a new iPhone app that lets you log in, check your account and make transactions through your iPhone or iTouch.

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