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Mike Postle and Stones Gambling Hall Sued for $10 Million

Mike Postle Cheater

The Mike Postle cheating scandal has taken yet another turn, and this one was somewhat expected. According to sources, a lawsuit has been filed against Postle and Stones Gambling Hall for $10 million.

A total of 25 plaintiffs are named in the lawsuit with nine charges being levied against the defendants, including racketeering, fraud, and unjust enrichment.

Postle and Stones Sued on 9 Counts

News broke on Tuesday about a lawsuit filed against Mike Postle, Stones Gambling Hall, and Stones Tournament Director Justin Kuraitis. Maurice B. VerStandig is the head attorney representing The VerStandig Law Firm for the plaintiffs. The $10 million lawsuit names 25 plaintiffs, including the initial whistleblower Veronica Brill.

The defendants also include those name “John Does 1-10 and Jane Does 1-10” to account for the alleged unknown conspirators in the case. Most that believe that Postle cheated also think that it was an inside job at the casino.

The lawsuit brings nine charges against the defendants. The charges include racketeering, fraud, negligent misrepresentation, negligence per se, unjust enrichment, negligence, constructive fraud, fraud, and libel.

Scandal Called Largest Known Cheating Scandal in Poker Broadcast History

The lawsuit calls the cheating scandal the “single largest known cheating scandal in the history of broadcast poker.” It also says that it hopes that the discovery process will uncover why Stones covered up the incident. Earlier in the filing, it mentioned that Brill’s cheating allegations were completely fabricated and only launched a new investigation after the poker community started producing evidence to the contrary.

The scope of the lawsuit covers cash game events live-streamed by Stones from July 18, 2018, through September 21, 2019. During that time, Postle is said to have won as “hundreds of thousands” of dollars in those poker cash games.

Mike Postle Cheating

Mike Postle facing a $10 million lawsuit.

Also, the primary person said to be helping Postle remains unnamed in the filing other than to be named “John Doe 1.” According to the filing, the times that Postle suffered the occasional loss were times that his chief conspirator was absent from the casino.

How Will Players Be Paid

If successful, the $10 million being sought after in the lawsuit will be divided up amongst the players after the lawyer’s fees. The payments would be prorated based on the amount of time played in the cash games.

Before considering lawyer fees, the damages sought after would equal to about $400,000 per person. This is of course far above anything that Postle ever won at the tables.

Evidence is Lacking But That May Not Matter

If you are following this case, you know that all of the “evidence” gathered has been through online investigations. Thus far, there’s been no concrete evidence provided by any party to Postle’s cheating. Postle is firm in his claims that he didn’t cheat, going as far as to challenge former poker pro Doug Polk to a heads-up poker game.

There is an investigation currently underway into the matter, but this was only done after the uproar from the poker community was too great to ignore. If this investigation provides proof that Postle cheated, then this case would be a virtual slam dunk.

Even if the investigation does not provide substantial physical evidence, the case may have a good chance of winning. Since this is a civil suit and not a criminal one, lawyers only need a preponderance of evidence. In layman’s terms, if they can show that the odds of cheating are greater than 50 percent, they will likely win.

Of course, if evidence comes forth showing that Postle cheated, we could see Stones and their lawyers step forward with some form of a settlement offer. This offer would likely include some form of restitution to the plaintiffs involved. Should Stones find evidence of cheating, the right thing to do would be to provide restitution to all players affected by Postle’s alleged cheating.

Since this is the biggest story in poker presently, we will bring you updates on this story as they are available.

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