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Dan Bilzerian GGPoker Signing Stirs Controversy

Dan Bilzerian GGPoker

In case you missed it, Dan Bilzerian is now a GGPoker brand ambassador. The site made the announcement last week, including an announcement about a special freeroll on Bilzerian’s birthday.

The singing has stirred up controversy amongst the poker community regarding Bilzerian’s misogynistic ways. This was fueled even more when he attempted to insult a well-known female player.

Bilzerian Calls Vanessa Kade a Hoe

It didn’t take long for people to start calling out GGPoker for its signing of Bilzerian. Canadian poker player and Twitch streamer Vanessa Kade quickly spoke out on the move on Twitter.

Then, in what is clearly a clear Bilzerian move, he tweets the following:

While we all known what he meant, it also didn’t take long for Bilzerian to get blasted for his poor spelling:

Once the jokes calmed down, people started letting their opinions be known regarding GGPoker’s recent signing:

Two respected women in the poker media also spoke out about Bilzerian. Here are a couple of tweets for their pieces

Polk and Cordeiro Bring a Reality Check to the Table

While many in the poker world are blasting GGPoker over Bilzerian, there are a couple of players that are bringing a dose of reality to this controversy. Poker player and influencer Marle Cordeiro made a few tweets about the saga. The first being a general slam to the poker community:

Next, she tweeted the following:

This second tweet stirred a ton of controversy with people claiming that Cordeiro is missing the point and that Bilzerian sets a negative example to women. Some also point out to The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix and how it is influencing Chess. They claim that Bilzerian’s influence can and will negatively impact women in poker.

Doug Polk has also given his opinion on the matter.

Polk then held a little poll about Bilzerian:

It would seem that most people following Doug could care less about Bilzerian. Over the weekend, Polk posted the following:

Naturally, all of Polk’s tweets had their own amount of controversy. Polk’s point is that most people don’t really care, and ultimately, the signing will be largely forgotten in a couple of weeks. Most people don’t like hearing that, especially if they have an axe to grind with GGPoker or Bilzerian.

GGPoker Knew Who They Were Signing

While the poker world is throwing fits about the signing of Bilzerian and his comments to Kade, the reality is that GGPoker knew who they were signing when they signed Bilzerian. Bilzerian is openly misogynistic to women. That’s part of his gimmick. That’s why men follow him on Instagram. And if we are being honest, that’s why GGPoker signed him.

GGPoker is trying to get all of the attention they can for its poker site. What better way to do that than to sign a man who has an insane following. He is a social media influencer and someone that can get people to follow him anywhere.

Two things that Bilzerian brings to the table are followers and media attention. He will drop a few insults here and there to stir things up, and more attention is given to the site.

Also, the truth is that poker is full of scumbags. Bilzerian will fit right in. If Daniel Negreanu can tell someone “F*** you in the a**” and still keep his contract, then Bilzerian is going to be just fine. While we wish poker was more of a moral community, it is not.

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