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WSOP to Remain at the Rio in 2020 and 2021

If you’re among the thousands of players that have been wondering about the future of the World Series of Poker at the Rio, wonder no longer. According to both an article on CardPlayer and tweets from WSOP VP of Corporate Communications Seth Palansky, the WSOP will not be moving for at least two years.

Palansky Confirms 2020 WSOP at the Rio

One constant rumor that’s been floating around Las Vegas for years now is the pending sale of the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Vegas blog Vital Vegas has been claiming for a while that the sale of the Rio is underway.

They have also been claiming that the World Series of Poker will be relocating to the new Caesars Forum that’s scheduled to open in 2020. This rumor has persisted and people have been regularly questioning WSOP officials as to whether the 2020 WSOP will indeed move.

WSOP VP of Corporate Communications Seth Palansky put that rumor to be over Twitter on September 13th when he stated that he can “100% confirm @WSOP will take place at the Rio in Las Vegas in 2020.”

This can be looked on as good news for those wanting to lock down plans for next summer and bad news for those that are sick of dealing with the Rio.

Palansky Also Confirms 2021 WSOP at the Rio

Erik Fast of CardPlayer Magazine followed up on this story with Palansky and spoke with him about the WSOP rumor. When asked why Palansky could confirm that the 2020 WSOP would be held at the Rio, he revealed that the booking of facilities for the WSOP is done years in advance.

Palansky continued telling Fast that “people should feel confident that the 2021 WSOP will be at the Rio as well. He then confirmed that these things are booked years in advance and then addressed whether new ownership at the Rio would impact those plans.

He admitted that a new owner at the Rio could change things if the new owner decides not to honor contracts. Palansky then said that the new Caesar’s Convention Center really wasn’t a realistic option for the WSOP. He stated that the WSOP is not incredibly profitable and that the Convention Center would be better suited for short-term conventions rather than a two-month ordeal.

WSOP Feels Rio Still a Good Fit

For those that want to believe that the WSOP would love a new home, Palansky revealed otherwise. He stated that “we love the Rio” and continued praised the property for their cooperation in helping them to set up the event.

He then concluded the interview stating, “even if the property were to change hands, you think a new owner wouldn’t want to have the WSOP there, based on what it’s brought into the property for all these years? It’s a known quantity in a slow time period for convention business and the city in general.”

Some Will Not Be Pleased by This News

For those of you that are hoping for a new home for the WSOP, don’t hold your breath. Even if the Rio is sold, it appears that WSOP officials are looking to continue their relationship with the property. This is surely disappointing for those that have problems with the Rio as a venue.

Over the years there have been many complaints regarding parking, security, and general player safety. Every summer you hear stories about assaults and robberies in the property amongst other issues that some feel are inherent to the casino.

For at least the next two years, players will have to continue tolerating the Rio. After that, we may see a change in venue, but it may not be the Caesars Forum as has been assumed in the past.

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