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PokerStars Accuses Gordon Vayo of Forgery – Vayo Drops Suit Against PokerStars

Thursday, 15th November 2018

If you’ve been following the story of Gordon Vayo vs. PokerStars, the story took an unusual twist recently. According to reports, Vayo has now dropped his lawsuit against PokerStars’ parent company and it now appears that Vayo may have forged the documents that he’s been using this whole time as his defense in his suit. […]

Players to Watch in the Super High Roller Bowl V

Wednesday, 14th November 2018

The Super High Roller Bowl V kicks off in about a month’s time and many are wondering who will take down the fifth edition of the premier event in High Stakes tournament poker. Soon we will know for certain who will play in the event, but most expect the standard cast of pros will take […]

Introduction to Bankroll Management

Tuesday, 13th November 2018

A key component to proper poker strategy is bankroll management. You need a bankroll in order to play poker live or online. If you regularly are blowing through your roll for one reason or another, you are leaving yourself in the unenviable position of not being able to sit at the table. Here are a […]

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WSOP Records That Will Likely Never Be Broken

Sunday, 11th November 2018

In sports, there are records that seem unbreakable. Lou Gehrig‘s streak of consecutive games played was a record that was supposed to stand for all time until Cal Ripken, Jr broke it. Roger Maris‘ 61 homers was another that was supposed to be next to unbreakable. However, Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, and Barry Bonds have […]

David Peters Wins ARIA Fall Madness $100k High Roller for $1.1 Million

Saturday, 10th November 2018

David Peters has taken down yet another seven-figure score in a high roller event, this time at the ARIA Fall Madness event in Las Vegas. One of the game’s most prolific players, Peters took down his fifth seven-figure score of 2018 after winning the $100k High Roller event at the last ARIA tournament series before […]

Passage of Amendment 3 Effectively Kills iGaming Chances in Florida

Thursday, 08th November 2018

If you live in Florida and have any hopes that online poker will be returning anytime in the near future, you can put those hopes to bed now. On Tuesday, a constitutional amendment was approved that effectively will mean a death knell for online gambling expansion for any time in the future. Amendment 3 was […]

Examining the Dark Side of Poker

Wednesday, 07th November 2018

If you are a poker player, even a recreational one, then it is likely that one of your dreams is to win millions at the poker tables and even to turn pro. Many believe that they have what it takes to be successful at the game of poker, but the reality is that very few […]

PokerStars Introduces Fushion Poker

Tuesday, 06th November 2018

PokerStars is famous for introducing new poker variants to try and drum up interest and excitement amongst recreational players. Games such as 6+ Hold’em and Showtime Hold’em were interesting twists on Texas Hold’em but now the World’s Largest Poker Site has announced one of the more unusual new variants we’ve heard of in a while. […]

Evaluating Steve Zolotow’s Stop Loss Strategy

Saturday, 03rd November 2018

Whether you are a beginning poker player or one with years of experience, you should consider using a stop loss as part of your bankroll management. A stop loss is a cutoff point where you abandon a game before you decimate your bankroll. For example, in a fixed-limit game, this is usually around 30 big […]

Poker Central Announces Super High Roller Bowl V For December

Thursday, 01st November 2018

The Super High Roller Bowl has become the top High Roller event in the world in just four short years. Traditionally, it has kicked off the summer with the winner taking down the second or third largest first-place prize of the year. Now, the organizers are looking to enhance the product and doing so by […]

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