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Bluffing in Omaha Hi-Lo

Omaha Hi-Lo

Omaha Hi-Lo is a game that many play fairly straight forward using ABC poker. While the game does not lend itself to a lot of bluffing, there are still spots where one can bluff in the game. Today we will go over some of those spots.

Flop Bluffing

Bluffing on the flop is all about board texture and what type of draws are out there. For example, if the board flops all high cards in a multi-way pot, there is a high chance that a bet from an aggressive player is going to take the pot like many of the hands will hold low cards.

Also, a paired flop is another potential opportunity to force players out of the pot as they are fearful of the full house. Another spot that many don’t think about bluffing that often are situations where a flop may produce an ace or both an ace and a deuce. In these cases, you may be able to force out opponents that have just an A-2 in their hand for low. If you meet resistance then they most likely have a backup for their low.

Turn Bluffing

Again, board texture is going to help you out with bluffing on the turn. Should a low draw fail to hit on the turn, a bet may force some players out of the pot that is not willing to chase down a draw. Like on the flop, should an ace hit the turn, a player looking for A-2 to hit a low without backup is going to fold to a bet.

Three Wheel Cards Omaha Hi-Lo

With three wheel cards, it is hard to be counterfeited.

Other bluffs may depend on position. For example, if the board pairs and a flush or straight hits without completing a low. If you are in late position, this may be a great time to bet. Of course, if your opponent check-raises you and you don’t have any type of draw, it is time to abandon the hand.

Board pairing is another spot where you’re going to look to bluff if you think a player is drawing to a straight, flush, or low. When the board pairs, you’re going to want to try and represent a boat with your bet. Players are only going to continue if they have a draw or have half the pot locked up.

River Bluffing

The river is usually the easiest street to attempt a bluff. Should a low not develop on the river, you can usually chase out the low chasers with a bet. Should action be checked to you with a potential straight, flush, or full house on board, a bet may take down the pot.

With betting on the river with a potential draw or full house hitting, also evaluate how likely your opponent is to call down with a weaker made draw. If they a virtual calling station and will call with many second and third best hands, this is not a good spot to bluff.

This usually works better as a bluff with just one player at the river. Sometimes it will work with two, but if you have three players or more this play will probably fail. Heads-up, you are much more likely to be facing someone chasing a one-way hand, such as a low draw. The more players, the less likely someone will call because they know that not everyone will have a hand.

As you can see from above, there are some spots where one can bluff in Omaha Hi-Lo. A lot depends on board texture and position, but an observant and aggressive player can actually take down a few pots with some selective bluffing in the game.

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