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USA Poker Sites vs. Non-USA Poker Sites

If you’ve played online poker for any amount of time, you are probably already aware that some poker sites accept players from the United States and other poker sites are closed to USA players. There are several reasons why some poker sites feel more comfortable than others when it comes to customers from the USA.

Why Do Some Poker Sites Block USA Players?

USA PokerThe United States government has never specifically outlawed individuals from playing online poker, but it has passed laws that prevent people from operating online poker sites. Some poker sites have decided to follow that law and block all US customers while other poker sites accept all players because these poker sites are located in jurisdictions in which online poker is completely legal and regulated.

The argument that US-friendly poker sites use is that they are following the laws in their home countries. These poker sites feel like it would set a bad precedence to require every online company to somehow conform to the laws of every country in the world. Instead, these poker sites argue, Internet companies should follow the laws of the country in which they reside and let everyone else enforce their own laws.

I agree with this statement as well. If a government decides to pass a law, it is up to that government to enforce the law. If a company wants to set up shop in that country, then yes, I agree that that company should comply with the local laws. However, online companies such as poker sites, do not set up shop in any other country. They simply exist, leave their doors open for business and act according to the laws of their own land.

Why You Should Play at USA Sites (Even if You Aren't From the USA)

Poker sites that accept players from the United States are generally the best poker sites for everyone. These poker sites have the most player traffic, make the most money, and have the fishiest poker players. If you play at a US-friendly poker site, you have many more tables to select from and can find the easiest tables to beat.

Player traffic and financial success are important factors to consider because that tells you how safe that poker site is and how many promotions it can afford to offer. Large, successful poker sites have the biggest tournaments, the best VIP programs, and the most deposit/withdrawal options. With the US market being such a big market, US-friendly poker sites are almost always the largest and best places to play. Check out this list of the best USA poker sites for more information.

Future Outlook for Legal Online Poker in the USA

The future outlook for poker in the United States is uncertain. In all likelihood, the current status quo will remain in place for a long time. The reason I believe this is because there are too many politicians out there who pander to special interest groups for votes. These politicians like to say they are against online poker to appease their radical religious fringe voters but then they do nothing to actually make any changes.

To date, I am not aware of a single US citizen being prosecuted for the simple act of playing poker. That will probably not change any time soon because the government still fears the outrage that such a case would bring. Many US citizens already feel that government has become too large and too overbearing for its own good.

I don’t mean this article to be a personal political soapbox, but these are the reasons why the current legal situation remains in limbo. There are just no clear laws that regulate online poker in the United States. On top of that, government moves slowly no matter what the issue is. There is just too much political infighting and vote pandering for us to get a clear ruling on online poker any time soon.

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