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Players Only Poker Bonuses and Promotions for 2024

Players Only Poker BonusUS poker players don’t have a whole lot of poker room options, and the number seems to be getting smaller. That’s why, when PlayersOnly Poker started catering to USA online poker players, they got a ton of attention and new traffic.

After PlayersOnly joined the Merge Network, their software got better, their promotional system improved, and increased traffic and customer base means an increase in loose play. These are all great reasons to open an account with PlayersOnly – so is their first time deposit bonus program.

PlayersOnly First Time Deposit Bonus

For a first deposit bonus, PlayersOnly Poker gives you a choice. You can either earn a fairly standard 100% match bonus up to $1,000, or an instant $200 bonus. All new deposits come with one of these two bonuses – if you think you can play enough poker to max out the $1,000 bonus, by all means select the 100% match. Otherwise, the $200 bonus money reward is a nice draw, as well, though both require poker play before you can claim your reward.

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The rules of the first deposit bonus at PlayersOnly are straightforward, and the offer of a $200 bonus rather than a match bonus means players that don’t spend a ton of time at poker rooms can still earn a good deal of bonus cash.

PlayersOnly VIP Points

PlayersOnly Poker uses a player rewards program just like pretty much every other poker room – called VIP Points, these points are earned by generating rake in cash games or by paying PlayersOnly tournament fees.

You clear your bonus money at PlayersOnly by trading in 75 VIP points for $1 from your bonus money account. This money gets dispersed to your account in $5 increments, meaning you have to earn 375 VIP Points for every $5 of bonus money you clear, or about 15,000 VIP points to “clear” that $200 instant bonus payout.

It seems likely that playing a good deal of poker at medium limits will result in $5 or $10 worth of payout per session of playing, but of course this depends on how you play and how much you play. Still, microlimits players have just as much chance to earn bonus money, since rakes as low as ten cents count toward VIP points.

In cash games, you earn VIP points at every flop if you are involved in the hand. Players earn 1 VIP point for every 10 cents of rake they personally contribute. When it comes to earning VIP points through tournaments, players earn 1 VIP point for every 10 cents that they pay in tournament fees.

Be careful when going after your first time deposit bonus money – you only have three calendar months to clear your bonus amount, otherwise you forfeit the total. Other bonuses you earn also have intervals of time in which you have to earn the bonus, so make sure and read the fine print when you earn bonus money at PlayersOnly.

Using Your PlayersOnly VIP Points

Besides earning you bonus cash, your VIP Points at PlayersOnly can be exchanged for cash, freeroll tournaments, and in a store with poker merchandise like clothes and electronics.

Exchange your PlayersOnly VIP Points for cash at the rate of 2000 points per $1.

PlayersOnly First Time Depositor Freeroll

When you make your first deposit, you do more than earn bonus cash at PlayersOnly – you also get entry into a first time depositor freeroll with a $500 prize pool. These first time depositor freeroll tournaments occur every week, so no matter when you sign up, there’s a no deposit freeroll event happening soon.

PlayersOnly Reload Bonuses

In 2011, PlayersOnly started offering a 100% reload bonus to players who have earned at least 3,000 VIP Points. Since the promotional system is also tiered, you can earn more VIP points the more “loyal” you are as a customer, and the exchange rate for VIP Points gets juicier as your loyalty level increases cumulatively.

Other promotions available to members of PlayersOnly Poker include a Sit & Go leaderboard (for maximum bragging rights) and a nice Bad Beat Jackpot – you don’t see many of those anymore. To take advantage of PlayersOnly’s 110% first deposit bonus and other great promotions, open up a player account today. The more you play (and the more you deposit) the more free money PlayersOnly will pay you.

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