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PKR Poker Bonuses and Promotions for 2024

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PKR Poker BonusLaunched in June of 2006, PKR started out as something of an outcast poker room. Here was an online poker site not promising huge bonuses or other lavish promotions but . . . enhanced graphics? That’s right -- 3-D poker graphics and lifelike avatars were supposed to be the big draw. Jump ahead three years to January of 2009, and PKR announces that their total player base had reached 2.5 million. How’d they do it?

PKR First Deposit Bonus

You can call the "fastest growing online poker room" without raising an eyebrow. PKR is signing up tens of thousands of new customers a month, but not just because of their fancy graphics. PKR’s first deposit bonus is good for up to $800. A 100% match with an $800 cap is bigger than the offerings at the “big three” poker rooms.

There was a time when PKR's bonus program was anything but competitive. In its early days, PKR only offered a $25 cash gift, which eventually grew to $50, and finally a 50% match bonus up to $250. As they’ve increased the size of their welcome bonus, their customer base has swelled. When PKR saw the customer response to their larger bonuses, the dollar amounts kept growing. PKR now has one of the most lucrative first deposit bonuses in online poker.

Earning Your PKR Deposit Bonus

How does it work? The PKR 100% match deposit bonus is technically a "sign up bonus" -- you earn it when you create any new real money account at PKR. PKR will match you dollar for dollar for your deposits between $10 and $800.

PKR Bonus Code 2024

You earn your first deposit bonus by entering the code PK800 in the 'bonus code' box at the time of your first deposit. This is the code for 2024,

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Use bonus code PK800 to ensure you receive your bonus

The bonus is earned (or "cleared") when you are awarded the proper amount of PKR points. You earn these points by playing in real-money games and in PKR tournaments. Once you've played real-money hands, you start to earn your reward money in $10 increments.

PKR Points

When you sign up with PKR, you automatically earn 1500 PKR Points. You also earn 100 PKR Points for every $1 you spend in tournament entry fees.

However, PKR Points are most often paid out on raked hands at real-money tables. They are calculated against the amount that you’ve put into the pot divided between the other players at the table. That means the bigger the pot, the more PKR Points everyone gets. Your points are also based on the amount that you put into the pot – so the more you contribute yourself, the more PKR Points you’ll earn in the hand. The maximum number of points that can be earned in any one hand is capped at 300, in the same way as maximum rake.

You use these PKR Points for more than just clearing your first deposit match bonus. Your PKR Points are exchangeable for merchandise, in-game additions to your character avatar, and buy-ins for PKR’s Big Money Freerolls.

PKR Points are also handy tools for putting cash in your pocket. You can exchange PKR Points for special reload bonuses (announced via email and in-game) and even cash rewards. These bonuses are only announced to members of PKR, though some past reload bonuses include a Christmas bonus 100% match up to $600. PKR’s reloads are sometimes few and far between, but you won’t find better reloads at any of the major poker rooms.

PKR First Deposit Freerolls

As an added bonus for signing up at PKR, you earn four free tickets to Freerolls events, including a ticket to the weekly $1,000 Premium Freeroll immediately upon making your first deposit.

One last point about PKR – they don’t accept play from Americans, so you Yanks that want a taste of 3-D poker are pretty much out of luck. If you're from the USA, check out our list of the best USA poker sites.

Even if you don't think you'll be into the fancy graphics and game play at PKR Poker, it is the fastest growing poker room for a reason. Growing fast means soft competition. If you want to test your poker game against newbies, and earn a nice welcome bonus in the process, give Poker a try.

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