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Super Bowl Streaker Will Not Be Paid

Super Bowl Streaker

If you watched the Super Bowl last Sunday, you saw that there was a streaker in the fourth quarter of the game. The player was quickly tackled and taken off of the field. If you were betting that someone would streak, then you won the bet. However, one person will not win his bet.

Yuri Andrade was scheduled to win about $374,000 on his Super Bowl streaker bet. There’s just one problem. He was the streaker. Worse still, he went on national radio admitting to his deed, which resulted in his being denied a payout.

Bovada Denies $374,000 Payout to Super Bowl Streaker

Late in the Super Bowl where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers upset the defending Champion Kansas City Chiefs, Yuri Andrade and a friend stormed the field. His friend acted as a decoy as Andrade streaked down the field.

Bovada and other sportsbooks gave odds for this event happening, giving +750. Andrade and friends bet $50,000 that there would be a streaker and hatched a plan to make it happen. The payout for this bet should have been $374,000.

Andrade was arrested and later released on a $1,000 bond. Had he remained silent about what happened, he would have made a profit of $373,000. As it turns out, Andrade couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

He spoke with Wild 94.1 radio about his stunt, admitting that he was the person that was the streaker. He also admitted to making the bet over at Bovada. This admission was all that Bovada needed to take action.

The New York Post revealed on Wednesday that Bovada has effectively denied Andrade’s bets and refunded bets from other players that wagered NO. Anyone that made a legitimate YES bet for a Super Bowl streaker will be paid out.

Bovada claims that they were already investigating irregularities surrounding this bet before Andrade’s radio interview. His admission effectively sealed his fate.

Why Would Andrade Openly Brag About the Matter?

Anyone that knows anything about playing online poker or any other form of online gambling knows that you don’t openly discuss cheating. While it is better not to cheat, if you know that something is amiss, you don’t talk about it.

Look at the rules for all online casino games and online sportsbooks. Irregularities give the casino the option to deny payouts and seize your funds. In the case of Andrade’s bet, they can seize his bet and any money that is in his account.

From our perspective, this clearly seems like someone who has no clue when it comes to gambling. He effectively admitted fraud to the world. This is a case where you keep your mouth shut in hopes that nobody finds out. You also don’t speak about it after you get paid off, if you manage to get paid. This still opens you up for legal litigation in the future.

Cheaters Seldom Win And Get Away With It

We could talk about how this guy should have handled the situation, but the reality is that what he was trying to accomplish was too high profile to pull off. It was obvious that Bovada would investigate the matter and they could have easily connected the dots.

What Andrade was trying to pull was a scam that would have worked on a smaller scale, such as someone betting friends or small-time sportsbooks that have few safeguards. However, to make such a bet for the Super Bowl, it just wasn’t going to work. But to turn around and admit to the world that you committed the scam? This puts him on a special level of stupid where he deserves to lose his money.

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