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Rainer Kempe and Sean Winter Win PCA High Roller Events

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is in full swing with poker pros from around the world hoping to pad their bankrolls with some sweet tournament cash. Ramon Colillas took down the PokerStars Players Championship to kick off the series and meanwhile, several other events have already played to conclusion, including two High Roller events.

Sean Winter defeated David Peters heads-up to take down the $25,000 Single Day High Roller and Rainer Kempe defeated Alex Foxen heads-up for the $50,000 Single Day High Roller title.

Sean Winter Takes Down $25,000 High Roller

The $25,000 Single-Day High Roller kicked off on January 8th, but failed to play out to a winner. A field of 75 entries put up $25k to make a prize pool of $1.8 million. Eleven players made the money with Alex Foxen, Erik Seidel, Igor Kurganov, and Byron Kaverman just falling short of the final table.

The final table was a stacked one with David Peters, Steve O’Dwyer, Ivan Luca, Jack Salter, Sean Winter, and Rainer Kempe all looking to take down the $495k top prize. However, the event wouldn’t play out to a conclusion as David Peters and Sean Winter decided to delay heads-up play so that they could take a shot at the $50k High Roller the next day.

Heads-up play did not conclude until Thursday night with Sean Winter taking a 2:1 chip lead into the final battle. The pace of heads-up play seemed to indicate the two cut a deal. The very first hand, Peters found a double with two-pair over pair hand. On the next hand, Peters shoved with 9-8 and Winter called with K-J. The board ran dry and stacks were back to where they started.

The final hand saw Peters flop middle pair with 7-2 and Winter flop the same pair with 8-7. However, a river eight would give Winter two pair and the title. Officially, Peters finished runner-up for $352,040 while Winter won $495,210.

Rainer Kempe Wins $50k High Roller

On Wednesday, the $50k High Roller played to conclusion. A total of 64 entries were collected to create a $3.1 million prize pool. Just nine player were paid with Jason Koon, Bill Perkins, and Steffen Sontheimer falling just shy of the final.

Christoph Vogelsang, Daniel Dvoress, Alex Foxen, Stephen Chidwick, Evan Mathis, and Rainer Kempe all made the final and looked to pad over $900k to their bankroll. Last month, Alex Foxen made his way to heads-up play in Super High Roller Bowl V and managed to do so yet again. This time, he faced Rainer Kempe heads-up for the title.

At the start of heads-up play, the stacks were nearly even with Kempe having just 70k more than Foxen. That mattered as the chips all went into the middle on one massive flip. Kempe three-bet shoved with pocket fours and Foxen looked down to Ad-Qc and made the easy call.

A flop of 10c-9d-7d kept Kempe in the lead. The turn fell the 5d to give Foxen a flush draw. However, Foxen would have to settle for second yet again as the river fell the 6c to give Kempe the hand and the title. Alex Foxen added $651,980 to what quickly becoming a rather impressive bankroll.

Rainer Kempe took down the title and $908,100 in prize money. This was Kempe’s second straight final table at the PCA and brings his lifetime tournament earnings up to $18.38 million. He’s presently 26th on the All-Time Money List.

These are just the first of many high rollers at this series. The $100k High Roller is presently underway and will conclude on Saturday. The PCA will hold numerous events daily from now throughout January 16, giving players plenty of opportunities to pad their bankrolls.

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