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What to Expect from the New Normal at Live Casinos

Casinos are in the middle of reopening around the world. Some casinos are doing so without poker games while others are offering poker in a limited capacity. You will need to check with your local casino regarding poker offerings, but there are a few things that will be common at most reopened casinos.

Today, we take a look at what will be the new normal at live casinos, at least for the immediate future. As the COVID-19 curve lessens, you may see some things changed, but expect much of this to continue through 2020.

Masks Everywhere

If you don’t like face coverings, then you’re going to need to get used to them. Some casinos will require that everyone, including players, wear face coverings. Others will simply “suggest” that you wear face coverings.

You will notice that all employees will wear face coverings, including blackjack dealers, pit bosses, and even cocktail waitresses. They are doing this for everyone’s safety, so please keep your comments about masks to yourself.

It would be prudent if you wore a mask to help protect you from other players that may show up to the casino ill. They don’t have to have Corona. They could have any other form of illness and wearing a face mask will help protect you.

Temperature Checks

The first thing you will notice at many casinos is that you will have your temperature taken when you enter the casino. If you have a high temperature, you will not be allowed admittance. This is because one of the top symptoms of COVID-19 is a high fever.

Temperature Check Casinos

For those of you that are well, this should not be an issue. You will be quickly scanned on the forehead or the wrist and can move on. However, if you are not feeling well or if you happen to be someone whose temperature runs a little higher than normal, you will want to avoid the casino.

If you’re someone that runs a bit of a temp after running around, consider taking a break in the shade or drinking a little water before entering the casino. This could help regulate your temp so you are not running hot.

So Much Plexiglas

You’ve already seen grocery stores, fast food restaurants, and convenience stores use Plexiglas to protect employees. Expect the same at the casinos, but at another level. It will be everywhere, including between players at table games, poker tables, and more.

This will naturally get some getting used to, but it is another layer of protection to help keep players healthy and keep the casinos operating.

Reduced Capacity

Depending on your location, casinos will only be required to operate at around 50 percent capacity. If a casino normally has 500 people at capacity, they will only be allowed to have 250 people. Limits also apply to all casino games.

If a game normally plays with up to eight players, you will only see up to four players at the table. There will be times where the casinos will be at an even greater reduced capacity due to time of day or a general lack of interest from the public. Expect smaller crowds for some time.

Short-Handed Poker or No Poker At All

If you plan to play poker, you may have to shop around. Many live casinos that are reopening are keeping their poker rooms closed. Others are reopening them with short-handed tables. Often, that means four-handed live poker. Also, it means you will not be playing poker tournaments.

The good news here is that four-handed poker is better than no poker at all. The bad news is that some poker rooms are struggling as people are staying away due to reduced capacity. Your best bet is to check out the casinos with larger poker rooms. These will likely be running and offering at least a few games.

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