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GGPoker Parent Company Get PA iGaming License

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There have been some interesting legal developments lately in Pennsylvania. NSUS, the parent company of GGPoker, has applied for and received approval for an interactive gaming manufacturer license. This licensing has launched a bevy of discussion as to NSUS’ intention in PA.

There are several things that could happen, including an eventual launch for GGPoker in the United States. Of course, a few other things have to happen before GGPoker could launch.

NSUS Holds Interactive Gaming Manufacturer’s License in PA

Out of all the names to be discussed for online poker in Pennsylvania, one that we did not expect to be talking about is GGPoker. News broke on Online Poker Report and US Poker that GGPoker parent company NSUS has applied for and was granted an Interactive Gaming Manufacturer’s license.

So what is an Interactive Gaming Manufacturer’s license? In essence, it gives a company the ability to provide online gambling software to a licensed Interactive Gaming Operator. So that means that NSUS can provide software for online gambling sites in the state, but they cannot launch their own products.

As such, if you hear anyone claiming that GGPoker is coming soon to Pennsylvania, don’t believe them. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

What is NSUS’ Next Move?

The question now is what NSUS is planning with its license. There are many things they could be doing. First, the company may be planning to power another poker site in the near future. Considering that the company has partnered with the WSOP over the past year, it would not be unrealistic to expect them to power in PA, or at least have a hand in powering the site.

Another option is that the company may be looking to expand into online casino games. Again, if launches in PA, Caesars may have GGPoker power some of its online casino games. Or maybe itself will offer side games that are powered by NSUS.

Others speculate that NSUS is holding the license as part of a long-term strategy to expand into the United States. Even NSUS admits that the company has been planning for an expansion into the United States. According to PlayPennsylvania, NSUS has been working since 2019 just to get its current PA license. As such, it could be a while before we see other progress by the company.

Don’t Expect GGPoker Anytime Soon

While it is fun to speculate on the future of GGPoker, realistically we think that this is not happening anytime soon. There are multiple reasons. The first is that the company is currently in a major partnership with the World Series of Poker. Expanding to the United States would potentially jeopardize this partnership. The only way it wouldn’t is if GGPoker became the driving force behind or even if was absorbed into GGPoker.

Next, GGPoker has some technical issues to address. According to reports, the company is not the most diligent in policing VPN users. From various reports, it is easier to play on GGPoker with a VPN than most other online poker sites. That would be a serious problem in regulated states as states require geolocation and the ability of sites to block VPN access.

Last, Pennsylvania seems to be an odd market to plant your flag for online poker. If there were rumors of the company making overtures in New Jersey and Michigan, then we could see a launch as fairly imminent. As things stand now, we see this as the earliest of steps towards an eventual expansion. However, don’t expect to see GGPoker or anything similar until at least 2022 or even 2023.

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