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5 Tips for Improving Mixed Game Success

Mixed Games Poker

Over the last decade, mixed poker games have been growing steadily in popularity. If you want to be a well-rounded poker player, you need to become proficient in several forms of poker. Today, we will give you five tips to help improve your mixed game prowess.

Tip 1 – Push Your Edges In Limit Hold’em

Limit Hold’em is a game where it is important that you push your edges. You cannot hope to double up in a single hand. It takes time to recover from losses in this game, so you need to push your edges when you’re ahead.

When you have a big pair in Limit Hold’em, you need to raise. If you flop a set with potential draws out, you need to bet and force the players to put in more money. Do not give free cards and slow play in situations where they can outdraw you. Your edges in Limit Hold’em will not be the same as in NL, and you need to push your edges when you can.

Tip 2 – Avoid Playing Middling Cards Regularly in Omaha Hi-Lo

Middling cards, meaning 6-7-8-9 are considered trap cards in Omaha Hi-Lo. In regular Omaha High, a hand like 6-7-8-9 would be solid due to multiple straight possibilities. In Hi-Lo, you might have a shot at high, but you will seldom scoop with this hand. Scooping is your object in the game.

About the only time you’ll want to play this hand is if you’re in the big blind. Otherwise, this is a hand you’ll want to fold.

Tip 3 – Play Your Strong Boards Irrespective of Your Hole Cards in Razz

Strong board play is crucial in Razz. If you are sitting with an A-2 showing against a 6-9, you will want to put out a bet, even if you paired your hole card or even if you were trying to steal with junk in the hole and got called.

Razz Fourth Street


A strong board puts your opponent to the test, and when they continue with a weaker board, it helps you put them on a hand should they improve. You’ll notice that many of the best Razz players will bet their strong boards aggressively. Failing to take advantage of strong boards is the biggest mistake made by beginning Razz players.

Tip 4 – Lean Towards Folding When a Play Pairs Their Door Card in Stud

In Stud, when a player comes into a hand, they will have a pair matching their doorcard. When they pair that card, they likely just hit trips. At worst, you are likely looking at two pair. It is time to get out of the hand unless you’re very strong.

Tip 5 – Big Pairs Play Horribly in Multi-Way Pots in Stud 8

A pair of kings may look great when you are facing a bunch of low door cards in Stud 8, but you are at a huge disadvantage. At best you are going one way, and chances are you are going to get scooped.

If you can get heads-up with a big pair, that is fine. However, once the pot is at least three-way, your kings are going to be at a big disadvantage. If your opponents improve on fourth or fifth, how do you progress with kings? Often, it is better to wait for another hand.

The above tips should help most of you just beginning in mixed games to improve your overall play. My best advice would be to become proficient in each game before you take on a mixed game environment. Beyond that, make sure you have at least the basics of each game down pat before taking to the felt.

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