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5 Poker Variants You Can Only Learn to Play at PokerStars

PokerStars is the World’s Largest Poker Site and is the #1 place to play if you’re a mixed games player. While most of the poker world is obsessed with No-Limit Hold’em, poker is a robust game complete with many exciting variants.

If you want to become a well-rounded poker player, then you need to learn multiple poker variants. However, there are many games you just cannot find at other poker sites. Today we give you a preview of 5 mixed games that you can only learn to play at PokerStars.


One of the more popular Triple Draw variants in the world is Badugi. Badugi has a few unique rules. The first is that you get only four cards as opposed to five in standard Triple Draw games.

Next, the object of the game is to get a hand with one of each suit. That’s known as a Badugi. If multiple players catch a Badugi, then the player with the lowest Badugi hand is the winner.

The game has simple rules, but anyone that has played it can attest to, it can be as frustrating as Razz. It is also a game where well-timed bluffs can pay off huge.

PokerStars offers Badugi in both cash game and tournament formats. Single table Sit & Gos and multi-table tournaments are both offered.

No other online poker site offers the sheer volume of Badugi games that PokerStars does, so if you want to learn to play this game online, PokerStars is where you learn it.

Five Card Draw

Five Card Draw was all but extinct when online poker first started becoming huge. Some of you that have been playing since before the Poker Boom may remember that the now defunct was one of the only places you could find any type of Five Card Draw action online.

Then PokerStars decided to start offering PL and NL Five Card Draw games and slowly the game started to be revived. Nowadays, PokerStars is the only place with enough Draw traffic to allow one to properly learn the game.

Five Card Draw is the simple poker game where you try and make your best five-card hand. Each player gets one draw and can take up to 5 cards.

PokerStars offers Limit, PL and NL Draw games in both cash game and tournament formats. While the game will never be as popular as Hold’em or other variants like Omaha, the game has been brought back from the dead. If you want to learn Five Card Draw, you have to go to PokerStars to do so.


Razz is Seven Card Stud played for low only. Aces are always low. While Razz is offered on some sites in mixed game formats such as HORSE, PokerStars is about the only place where you can play Razz as a standalone game.

You need to be proficient at Razz if you want to be an expert mixed games player as nearly all formats of mixed games include Razz as a component. PokerStars offers Razz in both cash game and tournament formats. It is the only place you will find enough action to allow you to improve at the game.


Five Card Omaha variants have proven popular in recent years. One of the most popular 5 Card Omaha variants is Courchevel. In Courchevel, you are not only given 5 hole cards but the first card of the flop is exposed at the deal.

This allows players to make instant decisions on whether they want to commit to the hand. Also, you have to play a stronger style of poker in Courchevel than other games as you need the nuts or a big draw to the nuts in order to continue in most Courchevel hands.

Courchevel is offered on PokerStars in both cash game and tournament formats. It is the only place online where you can learn the game. This may change as the game continues to grow, but for now, PokerStars is where you can learn the game.

Limit Hold’em

The last game on this list isn’t exactly exclusive to PokerStars, but it is a game that has a limited following on other sites. Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em used to be the most popular variant of the game but the Poker Boom changed all that. Now No-Limit Hold’em is king.

Over the years, Limit Hold’em players have been finding it difficult to practice their craft. Some have switched over to NL while others have hopped around to different sites looking for consistent action.

PokerStars is the only site online that has regularly consistent action at both low and middle stakes. Anyone wanting high stakes Limit Hold’em action will find it at PokerStars during peak hours.

PokerStars is also the only site that holds Limit Hold’em tournaments and Sit & Gos on a regular basis. While they aren’t the only site offering Limit Hold’em, they are the only site with enough action to make playing Limit Hold’em a viable option to growing your bankroll.

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