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Canadian Poker Sites

These Canadian poker sites are our recommended top choices for all Canadian poker players. Not only do these online poker rooms accept Canadian players, but they provide a high quality poker experience and plenty of incentives to sign up and play. There are many Canadian poker sites to choose from, but the three listed here are the best.

When you sign up at any of these Canada-friendly poker sites, you’ll get a large welcome bonus for playing there. These welcome bonuses are used by poker sites in order to continually attract new players. All you have to do to get this extra money is use the bonus codes listed here.

Reviewing the Best Canadian Poker Sites

Rank Poker Site Country Bonus Bonus Code Play Now!
1 100% to $1000 use links »
2 $88 Free + up to $600 T & C's Apply »
3 100% up to $600 n/a - use links »
4 100% to $2500 n/a - use links »
5 100% to $2500 n/a - use links »

If you would like to see more Canadian poker sites, check out my buddies' list of the best Canadian poker sites.

Online Poker for Canadian Players

Online poker laws in Canada are similar to those in the United States. There’s nothing wrong with visiting an online poker site or an online casino if you live in Canada. As long as you don’t actually operate an Internet poker site from within Canada, you will be fine. It would be nice if Canada would allow private companies to start online poker rooms but as of right now, that option is out.

Canada does not allow people to own online poker rooms but the government does not attempt to restrict residents from playing poker on the Internet. Some politicians would love to completely ban online poker but that idea is highly unpopular and most likely impossible to implement. The technology required to monitor internet activity, block transactions, and censor websites is simply not there. Not to mention it would be a major invasion of privacy.

As of right now, the Canadian government has decided to leave online poker where it is. There have been thoughts of the government regulating online poker and taxing revenue but no serious action has been taken on that front. As is the case in most countries, the laws in Canada have yet to catch up with technology. For now, the Canadian government is fine with the status quo: play all the poker you want, but just don’t start your own poker site.

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