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BetFair Poker Bonuses and Promotions for 2024

NOTE - We have detected that you are browsing our site from the USA. does NOT accept poker players located in the USA. To play online poker, please view our list of the best USA poker sites.

Betfair Poker BonusBetfair Poker is owned and operated by a huge sports wagering exchange, but is itself an independent poker site. Since Betfair Poker is not part of a poker network, you don't get the same amount of traffic or types of players that you see at most of the major poker sites. But because of Betfair Poker's ties to the sports wagering world, there is the usual preditable flood of new players at different times of the year. Betfair Poker's software is as easy to use as one of the sites on the big poker networks, and with a huge initial deposit bonus, serious online poker players should give Betfair Poker a shot.

Betfair Poker has lots of the perks that you expect from online poker--satellites to almost every live major poker tournament, the ability to play up to 15 tables of poker at once, room-based leader board prizes distributed monthly, and more than $20,000 in guaranteed tournament winnings every day.

BetFair Player Restrictions

Certain people aren't allowed to open an account at Betfair--specifically, Americans, people from Turkey, and a few other nations are barred from joining. Betfair Poker mostly caters to the European poker market--people in the UK, New Zealand, and Australia make up the bulk of the membership. Americans should view these USA poker sites.

BetFair First Deposit Bonus

To earn the famous $2,500 Betfair Poker welcome bonus, you need to earn a specific number of Betfair points. Every $0.10 of rake you pay equals 1 Betfair point. For every 1 U.S. dollar paid out in tournament fees, you earn 2 Betfair points. The Betfair poker bonus matches your initial deposit 100% up to $2,500--a potentially huge deposit bonus that (admittedly) may take a ton of poker play to earn.

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Choose Your Own Bonus

Since most poker players could never earn the ful $2,500, Betfair Poker has a "choose your own bonus" program. With bonus payout tiers at $50, $250, $500, $1000, and $2500, you can pretty quickly earn a smaller bonus of about $500 rather than shooting for the full $2,500. Use these bonus codes to get the sign up bonuses:

$2500 Bonus Code - WELCOME2500

$1000 Bonus Code - WELCOME1000

$500 Bonus Code - WELCOME500

$250 Bonus Code - WELCOME250

$50 Bonus Code - WELCOME50

Earning Your Betfair Poker Bonus

You only have 60 days to clear your bonus--at $10 of bonus per 400 Betfair Poker points, earned only at ring games and tournaments, it doesn't seem possible to earn $2,500 in just two months. But here's how you try:

A table rake of $0-49¢ earns zero points, 50¢-99¢ earns 0.25 points, $1-$1.99 earns 0.50 points, $2-$2.99 earns 0.75 points and $3 earns one point. Tournaments are of course worth two bonus points per dollar of entry fee.

For a $2500 bonus, you earn $500 for every 7000 player points you earn. At the $1000 sign up bonus level, you earn $100 for every 1000 player points earned. Players earn $25 for every 225 points earned on the $500 bonus plan, $10 for every 80 player points earned on the $250 plan, and $5 for every 40 player points earned on the $50 sign up bonus plan.

Points are good for more than just clearing your bonus, too. Players at Betfair Poker have the option of cashing in their Betfair points for things like entry into special tournaments, Betfair poker gear, and even buying better odds on sports wagers.

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