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Welcome to our “How To” Blog. In this section of our site we answer everyday questions that the average poker player may ask. If you have a question you want answered, please contact us. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter to get the latest “How To” articles as soon as they are published.

How to Play Online Poker in Wisconsin

Written by Matt Geer

Wisconsin is another state that is not great for poker players. Both home games and online poker is illegal, leaving poker players with only live poker in brick and mortar casinos. I’ve discussed all of this in further detail below.


How to Play Online Poker in Utah

Written by Matt Geer

Unsurprisingly, gambling isn’t thought of too highly in Utah. So, poker players will not have too many options when it comes to playing poker. And the option that is available is probably the most surprising of all. Curious as to what it is? Read on to find out.


How to Play Online Poker in South Dakota

Written by Matt Geer

For the most part, poker is legal in South Dakota. Players can play online and live in one of several casinos. But strangely, home games are off limits. We’ve gone in more detail about this and the other laws pertaining to playing poker in The Mount Rushmore State below.


How to Play Online Poker in Oregon

Written by Matt Geer

Poker players who live in Oregon have it good. They can play and/or host home games, play online or live in one of several casinos. There are very few, if any limitations for players in the Beaver State. For more details, please continue reading.


How to Play Online Poker in New York

Written by Matt Geer

New York is one of the worst states for poker players, if not the worst. There are only a few options for real money play. And it doesn’t look the situation is going to improve any in the near future. Read on to find out what little you can do in regards to real money poker in NY State.


How to Play Online Poker in Nevada

Written by Matt Geer

Nevada is well known for gambling. After all, it’s the home of Las Vegas. It’s difficult to go anywhere without finding a slot machine. As you might expect, gambling in the Silver State is perfectly acceptable. This includes poker. But not all forms of poker are legal — yet


How to Play Online Poker in New Jersey

Written by Matt Geer

New Jersey is a great state for poker. Players are able to participate in home games, play online and of course, play live in Atlantic City. With very few rules to worry about and plenty of options as to where to play poker, it just doesn’t get any better than the state of New Jersey.


How to Play Online Poker in Missouri

Written by Matt Geer

To put it simply — Missouri is not a gamble friendly state. Everything outside of casino walls is considered “gambling” and therefore considered a misdemeanor at best. If you’re a poker player and looking to play, your only option is to play live. And from the looks of it, you’ll probably need to make a road trip at that.


How to Play Online Poker in Michigan

Written by Matt Geer

Michigan is one of the most poker friendly states in the US. You can participate in home games, play poker online and play live in casinos. We can only hope that other states follow “The Wolverine State’s” lead. For the finer details on the legality of poker in Michigan, please read on.


How to Play Online Poker in Louisiana

Written by Matt Geer

Residents of Louisiana will be happy to know that for the most part, playing poker is acceptable. However, there are a few exceptions. Be sure to read these before playing a game of poker in the Bayou State.

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