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Why Credit Cards are Hit and Miss at Poker Sites

Credit Cards for Poker Deposits
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Much to the scourge of online poker players, credit cards have become hit and miss at poker sites in recent years. Thanks to certain banking policies, credit cards do not always work to make deposits at online poker sites. Some banks are more stringent about this than others, so that’s why some people have problems depositing via credit cards while other people can deposit without a hitch.

Depending on where your bank is located and how strict it is about online poker, it’s possible you have problems depositing via credit card. This article will explain why that happens and what you can do if your credit card doesn’t work at an online poker site. There are several workarounds that will help you get up and going in no time.

Why are some credit card deposits declined at poker sites?

Credit Cards for Poker DepositsSome credit card deposits are declined or blocked at poker sites because the bank from which that credit card was issued is strict about online poker. This all started in 2006, when the United States passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). The UIGEA does not target individual poker players, but it does tell banks that they have to make a reasonable effort to block online gambling and online poker transactions.

The banking industry has been outspoken against these regulations and some banks have been more proactive than others when it comes to actually enforcing the UIGEA. Additionally, banks and credit card companies find it difficult to sift through millions of transactions and only block ones that go to poker sites. As a result, you will find that some credit cards are declined while others are processed problem-free.

Fortunately, a declined credit card deposit doesn’t hurt the person who made the deposit. If your credit or debit card doesn’t go through, you’re not going to be dinged with an overdraft fee or get a phone call from the FBI. You’ll just see an error message and recommendation to try a different deposit method.

So what do I do when my card gets blocked?

There are a couple ways you can proceed if you have a credit or debit card blocked at an online poker room. First of all, you can simply try a different card. Sometimes a different card is all that’s needed to make your deposit go through. This method is not guaranteed to work but it only takes a few seconds.

You can also try signing up at a different poker site. Some poker sites that accept credit cards are better than others at getting credit card deposits to go through. For example, PlayersOnly Poker has the highest credit card acceptance rate in the industry. They are good at maintaining their anonymity and processing credit card deposits. Sportsbook Poker is also great about processing credit card deposits.

Alternatively, you can deposit with a different deposit method. Many poker players elect to use eWallets such as eWalletXpress or Neteller. These eWallets are separate from poker sites, which means you can fund your eWallet account without any hassle. Once you have an account at an eWallet, you can easily deposit to and withdraw from most online poker rooms (for more information, check out our full list of online poker deposit methods).

Sometimes you can just wait and make a deposit later. Some poker sites go through phases where they are good at getting credit cards through and then have problems processing credit card deposits. However, this solution is the least recommended because most people want to play poker right away, not wait a month and hope for the best.

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Written by Bill Nye on June 29th, 2010

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